Day 7, Kosciusko, MS to Jackson, MS


Vanessa was in the kitchen, bright and early, cooking up our vittles using the menus we had filled out last night. She lived in Milwaukee for 14 years, close to where BillyB lived. Has everyone lived in Milwaukee at some time in their life!!


Sterling silver service used at breakfast . . . just like at home!!!


There was an administer for the Veteran’s Affairs staying over night at the B&B. We had a nice chat with her about WI, which was in her old territory she administered. No breakfast for her, she just headed out for WORK . . . a painful word to our ears!!!


TommyH pushed the menu option list by ordering Biscuits AND Grits!!!


Just after breakfast Dr. Larry showed up to pick up some of the left over biscuits (mid-morning snack?). Nice guy! He owns several restored Victorian B&B’s in the area and when they all fill, he hosts the overflow in his big white Victorian across the street!


As we left town we saw this . . . work release prisoners tidying up the town square, complete with stripes,  and safety vest!!! WOW!!!!


Back on the Trace it was quiet. It’s the work week again so not much traffic . . .


On the way out of town we passed Oprah’s old homestead . . .


. . . which, as best we could determine, was now a powerline Right  of Way!!!!


One of the messages someone had written on the back of the sign . . .


. . . and another!!!!


Right down the street was the Buffalo Town Hall, where the sign says Oprah had her first audience!!!!


Some of her old neighbors are not doing quite as well as she is . . .


. . . and as you can see, most of the visitors thought the experience was TERRIBLE!!!!


Back on the Trace, we read about the importance of Southern Pine, a staple in the wood yard at Menard’s .


Many of the info signs today dealt with the Indian tribes and their important history in the local area . . .


We met a relative of an early settler from the Motherland, Rachel, who heralded from Sussex, UK. Rachel flew into Atlanta, took a week to ride her bike to Nashville, and is heading south on the Trace to Natchez. She will be there on Thursday night, as will the couple couple we met earlier in the week from Wisconsin. This is Rachel’s second bike trip to the US, having ridden the Pacific Coast Trail several years ago. Riding self-supported, today she was going to have close to an 80 mile day, while ours was about 55 miles!!!! But hey . . . she is a lot younger than us!!!


BillyB has turned over a new leaf with his new lunch regime of fruit and cottage cheese . . .


. . . after the sterling silver set up this morning, he remembered he had his own cutlery set along and broke it out for lunch use!


Our lunch stop was at the north end of a ten mile reservoir. We would bike along it on the way into Ridgeland, a burb of Jackson, where we would be staying in tonight. What’s that BillyB is pointing to off the end of that log . . .


. . . A GATOR!!!! We thought it might have been a decoy put in the water at the rest stop to amuse the tourist’s stopping by. When it moved, we figured it was the real thing.


Click here for the death defying video . . .


The B was so worried about the critter coming ashore and eating his lunch, he wouldn’t take his eyes off the landing. They say gators can move as quick on land as they can in the water!!!


Soon we loaded up and were on the road for the last 20 miles to Ridgeland. The G’s NightRider headlight has been malfunctioning (a common malady with this off brand light) but he wacked it and it starting blinking again Although there is little traffic on the Trace we are all running headlights and taillights. Safety First!!!!


First mowers we have seen long the Trace. At the visitors center, the docent told us the mowers are all permanent Park Service employees and they mow steady for 9 months of the year!!!!


Just north of Ridgeland we biked by the south shore of the reservoir . . .


. . . where for some, livin’ is easy on the back bayou!!!!

And . . . last but not least . . .


Happy 85th Birthday tomorrow, November 4, to the best mother in the world . . . MINE. I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for her strong influence, followed secondly only by the nuns at our Lady of Victory school. I hope you are with us for many more years to come Mom . . I love you, (and am sorry I missed your big party last weekend) . . .


But the two most important girls in my life were there at the party representing our little family unit. Many thanks to emJay for ‘allowing’ me to go on another one of these crazy bike trips. Won’t be long and when she retires we will be doing these trips together. I love you!