Day 6, Houston, MS to Kosciusko, MS

After the big Packer loss last night, I was surprised the G and BillyB were in as good of spirits as they were this morning. Easy come  . . . easy go in the sports world, I guess. Last night you would have thought the world was ending.

We woke to a dreary cloudy, misty morning. The forecast was for mid 60 temps with a probability of rain before 10:00am, and that chance dropping during the afternoon hours. 70+ miles today, so we might get wet.


Our usual ‘Monty Python’ flying circus start every morning . . .


We were on the Trace before 9:00am, or al least some of us were. We got to the Trace and the G could not find his baggie that held his wallet, extra keys etc. He is always giving me a bad time for not taking my wallet along during the day, only the cash I might need, and this was the perfect example of why I don’t. A trip back to the motel resulted in the baggie being found in the parking lot outside of our rooms, right where he had kicked it out of the car!!!

TommyH and I had started riding while all this drama was unfolding . . . . wasn’t long before I spotted this poor critter in the ditch. The deer seem smaller down south here . . . probably not corn fed like they are in SW WI.


Soon we reached the half way mile marker for the 444 mile Natchez Trace. Nice to think it is all down hill from here to the ocean . . . ?  ? ?


Before long we were all grouped back up together and ran into  a group of riders from Red Wing, Minnesota who were riding the Trace self-supported. I was jealous!! Here TommyG and Gail discuss Wisconsin politics!!!


They were a happy group and having a great time. They did not postpone there start in Nashville last Tuesday (like we did . . . remember, we did not start riding until Thursday) and said it rained for two solid days!!!


After 222 miles of riding on the Trace, this is the first example of road problems we have seen.  Before this, the road had been as smooth as a new born babies bottom. No freezing weather and no truck traffic on the Natchez Trace keep it in pristine condition. The edge of the road here was a little ‘wavy’ so think there may be a foundation issue.


A great example of the Old Trace the oarsman used to walk back to their homes. Wonder if the Park Service mows it????


In French Camp, we stopped at a historic museum  of early settler life.


. . . great job of recreating what things looked like in he past . . .


. . . right down to the loom.


I rode through the parking lots and connecting gravel roads of the outer builds and almost stopped at the café that was featuring freshly baked pie!!!


Oh we know about passenger pigeons in WI where, Martha, the last known female passenger pigeon resides, stuffed, at Wyalusing State Park!!!


As we pedaled on we rode through a tornado damaged area that seemed to stretch for miles . . . it did as a matter of fact, an 8 mile swath.


. . . mother nature always wins in situations like this.


Remember those gravel parking lots I rode through 5 miles ago, back at the museum. I think that is where I had picked up this porcelain shard that made my tire go from 120psi to 0psi in about 10 seconds!!! First and only flat so far anyone has had on the trip, although TommyH did ride through the same parking lot.


. . . another great example of the Old Trace.


She’s as Sweet As Tupelo Honey . . . Just Like Honey Baby from the Tree . . .


Tonight we are staying at the Maple Terrace B&B in Kosciusko, MS which is supposed to be the birthplace of Oprah Winfree. Every small town has to have their claim to fame!!!


The B&B is quite nice and we may be the only one’s here tonight. Well maintained with the usual period furniture and not too many doilies’!!!


Big kitchen which will be put to use for our hungry group of riders. Full breakfast included in the $155/room charge. The most expensive place of the trip, so far!!!


Sunny sitting room . . .


BillyB and my room for the night. Each of the two rooms only has one bed and a roll away. We flipped a coin . . . I got the bed!!!


Nice . . .


TommyH and TommyG are holed ups in this room. TommyH won the coin toss for the bed!!!


We will be here bight and early tomorrow.


The B&B is owned by a local eye doctor who supposedly lives in this nice Victorian across the street from the B&B.


The boys went out on a tour of the town while I  was working on the journal. After several laps around town they came to a consensus for Bel Piatto, an Italian restaurant that until recently had been a Mexican restaurant. The food was good and they did serve beer, no wine, they did not have their liquor license yet.


Italian jambalaya . . .


After dinner, and several beers, it was off to WalMart for a beer/vino run. They has some selection but it was so limited we decided to  wait until tomorrow when we are near Jackson to stock up. But Sonic  did have ice cream so we headed over there for a little treat before we turned in for the night.

160 miles left on the Trace, spread over three days . . . piece of cake!!!