Day 3, Hohenwald, TN to Collinwood, TN


We woke to a VERY foggy morning. In this area of the country, 4G, even 3G coverage, is spotty and it ended up the only place you could get it was standing in the front of the window in BillyB’s and my room . . .


. . . as you can see, out room became very popular. I’d been working on the journal since 6:30am. They showed up about 7:30am and it was like Grand Central station!!!!


. . . what a great breakfast. We could smell  the bacon cooking and soon Sherry rang the dinner bell and we all headed down the hallway to breakfast.


TommyH, the King of Biscuits and gravy loads up the gravy . . .


. . . but there was plenty to go around!!!!


Our last task to complete was make our little flag to add to the visitor map. BillyB does the honors . . .


On the way out of town we passed this trailer dealer where the B had stopped the day before to put a down payment on this nice little trailer he bought to replace the mice and vermin ridden pop-up trailer he has stored in the barn on his farm for the last 10 years. This one is guaranteed to be mouse proof!!!!


Then it was back onto the Trace and another beautiful day of riding. Things may change tomorrow . . . 80 percent chance of rain!!!


We did stop at a winery along the way. Nice setting but they were not set up for tasting yet, and we had 55 more miles yet to bike . . .


Amen . . .


nice setup . . . maybe we will stop back on the way drive home.


A new view around every corner . . .


. . . 386 miles of it, to be exact!


We stopped at the Meriwether Lewis memorial, where 30 years after his burial his body was dug up and the skeleton examined to make sure it was him. Meriwether was half of the famous Lewis and Clark Team who discovered much of the United States.



Here is the Grinder cabin where Meriwether lived out his last years and died a mysterious death. Either murder or suicide . . . no one is sure!!!


Great joinery on the cabin corners . . .


. . . the broken column on his monument is supposed to represent his life cut short.


We ran into a group of riders from Muscles Shoals, Alabama out for a day of riding. They gave us some good advice on places to eat and visit.


We did have lunch today supplied by Paw’s Bar-be-cue . . . the real thing . . .


. . . made by a real guy named Paw!!!


Yummy sandwich served southern style completed with coleslaw!!!


Some had more than others . . . not to mention names (TommyG and BillyB).


There were no picnic tables at this rest stop so the  G was eating his lunch on top of the trash container. A woman stopped to drop some trash in the can. She thought the G was a homeless person and asked him if he wanted a couple of dollars to buy a real meal and not dumpster dive.  He took the money!!!!


We finally arrive at Miss Monetta’s B&B, located in Collinwood, TN. Her beauty shop is in the front of the building and our room is in the back!



Miss Monetta’s real name is Diane and her she is with her husband Larry. They live right next door. She bought her shop from the real Ms Monetta who lived to be 100 years old and only recently died!!


Our entertainment and dining area . . .


The palatial suite the B won in the coin toss . . .


followed by the suite TommyH won  . . . TommyG’s twin room and my couch in the sitting room (no photos)!!!!


Big bathroom!!!.

Collinwood is a dry town. No liquor stores, no bars, no liquor or beer served in restaurants. Good thing we brought our own!!!