Day 9

A great night sleep  . . . as we awakened to a beautiful morning. Time for a a little tour of the grounds . . .

. . .the main entrance to the resort


. . . registration on the left

. . . and to the right of registration . . . one of the many bars, well stocked and  open 24/7!!!

a ‘cabana’ with our room on the right . .


The all inclusive had the standard buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snack bars serving hamburgers, and such, located several places around the grounds. The also have 5 restaurants; Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, etc. where ala carte meals are prepared. One must have reservation’s though and they usually fill by 3:00pm in the afternoon. Since we had arrived at 6:00pm the night before, we had eaten at the buffet. This is the main buffet area in the process of be remodeled. The buffet was temporarily located poolside. Nice!

One of the many bars scattered around the ground (even at 8:00am it was too early for most visitors), although the lobby bar is open 24/7!

The grounds were very well maintained . . .

. . . as we walked by this beer and pretzel bat right outside of our cabana.

After breakfast it was time to head across the causeway to the beach.

Typical hues of the Caribbean . . . stunning.

Pull up a chair . . . and watch the action.


This is a view of the beach area. There are actually 4 resorts along this bay, all placed far enough from each other you didn’t see them except at the beach. One Canadian we talked to came down several times a year. This was considered the ‘off season’ and one week at the all inclusive, including airfare from Montreal, was $700CD or about $620US. Cheap vacation!!!

Wait . . . is that George Clooney strolling towards the camera on the right side of the photo above . . .

. . . no it’s TommyH!

Time to get in the water . . .

Or you could stay on the beach and be serenaded by strolling musicians. They lost interest in Greg, once Cindy went to the beach bar . . . !!

. . . but returned again, once she did!

We were leaving for Camaguey at 2:00pm, so . . . soon it was time to check out. Most of our group had worked for the State of WI in one capacity or another and were used to the inventory control system the state had for ‘movable equipment’

. . . I guess government’s are the same everywhere because everything in our room had an inventory sticker . . . some more obvious than others!!!!

Local Taxi . . . .

. . . we did have time for a nice lunch before we left, poolside . . .

. . . complete with a little dessert and espresso!

The four hour drive got us to Camaguey after dark and the bus had to park about a block from the hotel because the street had been turned into a nice pedestrian mall. The Grand Hotel, our home for two nights.

. . . back to the basics . . . but very clean.

Not wanting to push my tummy too much, emJay and I ate up in the fifth floor restaurant. Government Hotel ala carte menu = Uninspiring Government cuisine . . . but we did have our own singer and vino was only $2USD a glass!!!

Several rums in the main floor bar and it was time for bed!