Day 1

The day has arrived to venture south to Cuba. The first hop is to Miami where we will stay  overnight and then fly to Cuba in the morning on a charter jet. No US based airlines are allowed to fly to Cuba.

Tonight we are staying right at the airport. VERY convenient!2a1Since we got up at 4:00am to catch our flight it was time for a little lunchy and then a nap.2Just what we needed! Awakening we threw open the shutters to get ‘A great view of the Miami skyline?’ . . . not so much! 10Time for a few more winks!

emJay has been drinking water like a camel and eating all the salad she can find. No drinking the water in Cuba unless you want to take a chance getting ‘tourista’. Not a good way to spend 3-4 days of one’s trip. No water means no ice either, no veggies that have been washed in water and eaten raw (salad), no brushing your teeth except with bottled water. Sounds like lots of beer drinking on the journey ahead!!!

cubaAs our sister city host, Ricardo from Madison said, “Cuba is only 90 miles from the US coast . . .  but a world away”.

Before we head over though, time for one last dinner in the US. Barb and Tom had been in Miami since Friday, had done some scouting, and their friend Neil suggested BasilCo Restaurante.4Although some of the single guys decided to see what else Miami had to offer and took the ‘shuttle’!!!!

But, eight of us ‘married types’ piled in two cabs and headed over for a wonderful evening of cuisine, vino and friendship.86GREAT appetizer of fresh mozzarella and prosciutto.  7Followed by breast of chicken rolades stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, garlic, basil and cheese. YUM!!!!!!!!!5It is going to be a GREAT trip!