Day 28, Koh talu TO saplee


Today we continue our wonderful 24 hours “off” from our work of bicycling. Resort manager Mr. Joe was in the water during breakfast, giving fish snacks to a green turtle who is showing up there regularly. She is about 5 years old, and they call her Cindy. While we missed the photo, it was cool to see her with lots of ocean fish all around her. She clearly trusts Joe and enjoys the fish snacks! Many of us went snorkeling this morning. Koh Talu resort puts much of their revenues back into conservation, and they are collaborating on coral reef restoration just off the island. We saw some of their structures using PVC piping – similar to techniques used by The Nature Conservancy in Florida collaborating with Cuban marine biologists on restoration. MJ and Barb enjoyed swimming with big schools of fish today!


Look up there! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


No, it is batman!


This tree was filled with large fruit bats that were hanging there in broad daylight, stretching their wings, relaxing. Hope they didn’t mind us! They did not seem to.


After a good morning of lazing around and enjoying nature, it was time for … lunch! There is always a big buffet here. There were lots of other guests today so we had to share.


Our 20 minute boat ride was a bit exciting because one of the motors failed about halfway through our ride. So we puttered back on one engine, which took a little more time, but hey! We are on holiday! Back on the mainland, we were whisked away by Mr. Rin and associates to our home for the night on Nana Beach. We are working our way down the Thai coast.


Another lovely restaurant on the beach awaits us!


Choice of swimming in the hotel pool, or in the ocean just beyond.


Our spot for the night! Tomorrow is a big ride, so we have got to rest up.

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