Day 26 Kui buri to ban krut


As we headed out to our bikes after breakfast, we noted another bike group was also staying at the hotel and their bikes were ready to go.


Their helmets and shoes were neatly laid out. Geesh, I wonder if the tour company buckles their helmets and ties their shoes for them too!!


Today’s ride was mostly near the coast.


The Thai model of a “little house”?! Quite nice!


This is the Thai version of what Rick did early in his Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources career in Tomahawk!


As we cycled toward our first snack break, we could see these buildings on top of a small steep hill. No doubt it housed a Buddhist Temple!


Today is Chinese New Year. We learned that Thais believe a female spirit protects their cars, and they honor her with flowers at the New Year! Probably helps get the year off to a good start.


Bringing in their haul at about 9:30 a.m. Looked like bags of mussels.


We stopped by a beautiful carved teak temple, built in the traditional Thai style. The odd numbers of 9 and 7 are very important here. This is a 9-headed sculpture of Naga. Naga needed to protect Buddha from the rain, and one head would not do the job, so Naga grew 8 more heads. Naga is a snake and his body for this sculpture curled all around the temple grounds.


Spice Roads is such a great touring company that we all hope to be biking with them still when we get to this age!


We enjoyed iced teas and lattes from the cafe, along with our usual riches of fresh fruit, fried bananas, and cookies. And Lay’s potato chips for salt!


Mr. Yo, an aspiring photographer, stopped by to chat with Rick and trade photography ideas. He snapped photos of us, and we of him!


Today the macaques cooperated with Rick for a photo. The fact that these folks were feeding the troop might have had something to do with it!


We rode on nice bike paths along the scenic coast.


This was a big work-around. The railway lines from Bangkok to the coastal areas are being improved, primarily for tourism. An extensive bridge system is being built to ensure that locals can still get past busy tracks!


We had to four-wheel it a bit after the bridge and railroad construction project! The site was rough but nothing we couldn’t handle.


These are berries on the palm tree but don’t think of eating them! As our guide Bird told us, you can eat them once in your life!


We cycled along the Royal Thai Air Force grounds, the Fifth Air Wing. This plane looked like one from the US!


Palm trees, bike lanes, a strong breeze blowing off the coast…sigh…


We crossed the runway at a 90 degree angle. Look both ways for airplanes! First to the right…


…. and then to the left. CLEAR!


Of course the air base would have to have a golf course!


The topiary figures at the base just went on and on. Fun and creative!


Lots for sale! Build your dream home on the ocean.


After quite a few days with no lost-time accidents, another rider went down today. A speed bump in dappled shade was the culprit. Rick can relate from his Ireland trip in 2018 where a speed bump got him!


Barb was well cared for and did not seem to mind the attention from our support team!


One of the many happy but skinny cows we have seen the last several days.


Wonderful riding through coconut plantations.


We came across rows of drying anchovies, which you could smell! They are boiled prior to drying, and the birds are not attracted to them. So no snacking!


Lots going on for Chinese New Year, including this vendor with more baskets than his tuk-tuk could carry!


MJ and Barb rolling up to the lunch stop along the sea promenade on the Gulf of Thailand.


We shared our lunch shack with families celebrating the new year. Lunch on the coast, not bad! It is snowing and cloudy back in Madison. And 28 degrees…


First graffiti we have seen in Thailand. This tagger is prolific! We saw his work in town, in the country, on the roads, on buildings. He is having a good time!


…. and on civic improvement project signs too!


Funny face on the roads, both sides, many times.


Curiosity strikes Rick to visit the local crematorium.


We have seen many of these buildings along the way, and here is one actually ready for use. Buddhists believe in cremating the bodies.


The funeral pyre goes right on top of this cart.


More awe inspiring scenery along the coast. We had 12 miles to ride after lunch until we could relax and get tidied up. We rode 60 miles today, a metric century!

Great hole tonight Ban Krut. Beautiful grounds . . .

. . . climate controlled bike storage . . .

. . . and a nice outdoor restaurant bar area.

By the time we walked down to the beach for happy hour and dinner, here was a nice breeze and the daily temp had dropped . . . what a great time with lots to drink and some some of the best food yet . . . nearly all seafood!!!!

Woodie knew  fellow from Pakistan that pwned a roti stand so on the way back to the hotel, emJay and I enjoyed a plate of banana roti, hot off the grill,  with chocolate sauce . . . a perfect way to finish the evening!!!

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