Day 37, Carpinteria–layover day


Rest days are all abut laying back and smelling the roses . . . Hugh and I were the first in yesterday and I did my wash and cleaned Connie’s chain before the others got in for the day. The day today was now mine!!!  Here at the Motel 6 there were two washers and two driers. One of the driers was out of order. It is AMAZING the number of ‘Out of Order, Please Excuse the Inconvenience’ signs we have seen on this trip. Either there is a lack of Maytag repairman types and plumbers or the whole world, as we know it, is falling apart!!! When Denise was doing her wash, the machine broke before the final spin. She was refunded her $2.50 but was left holding a dripping pile of biking gear!!!

This morning it was time to go out for a nice breakfast other than of course, instant oatmeal. At about 7:30am, Rich, Joe, Tom and I headed down to the Worker Bee. Soon we were joined by most of the rest of the gang . . .


. . . the reviews said get there early or you will be standing outside in line. By the time we left, the place was full!!! Carlos was the lone chef and by the time we left, he was hopping!!!!


. . . a veggie omelet, American fries and wheat toast, along with 4-5 cups of coffee, and I was good for the day!!!!


I had ridden the mile down to the cafe and used Connie to tour around town. Nice little town that was pretty quiet on a Friday morning. All east, west streets lead to the ocean . . .


Some great old buildings along Main Street . . .


. . . and some interesting houses, too.


. . . Roxanne and Snaren, you would have been right at home here!!!


. . . down at the beach you could see the six oil rigs right off shore. Walking on the beach barefoot you were sure to get oil globs on the bottom of your feet. Locals say it is the ‘cost of living’ in such a beautiful place!!!


. . . what a day and what great weather. . . seems there are always trade offs in CA, might just be the yin yan of life. Tomorrow we head south again into more sunshine and beautiful scenery and hopefully not into the forest fire areas,  with smoke, ash and POWER SHUT DOWNS!!!

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  1. You’ve been having an amazing trip and thanks for sharing it with us. I know it takes work but it’s great to see what your seeing. Won’t be long and you’ll be back in chilly WI. Enjoynthe warmth. Love you Snaren

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