Day 32, Monterey to Lucia


Big day today with over 4,700 feet of climbing as we pass through the Big Sur area, everyone was out of camp before the sun really got up!!!


Our campsite, which would be the worst of the trip so far, was six miles beyond Lucia . . . all roads were open. No landslides!!!


. . . but there would be LOTS of curvy road ahead.


. . . and wild pigs to look out for on the road!!!!!


It was a foggy morning along the coast as we began to climb, you can see the road cut on the left side of the cliff.


Around each mountain we would ride and suddenly the fog started rolling in from the ocean . . .


It was ahead of us and we were hoping it would miss us . . .


. . . but as we kept riding south it kept building . . .


. . . oh yeah, we where heading into it. It was fun to watch it move forward, then dissipate . . .


. . . and soon it was upon us . . . good thing most of us had front and especially rear lights!!!!


. . . but within an hour it had all blown away and it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny, sun in our face type of day, all the way to camp.


. . . if you want your own piece of it, here is a home just being built. No curtains because all the rooms face the ocean!!!


. . .  here was a place built on stilts . . . hope it is earthquake proof!!!!


. . .  we were reminded there was more fun ahead today and tomorrow!!!


We did pass over one of the more famous bridges along the coast, known as the Bixby Bridge . . .  lots of tourist stopped creating quite a hazard!!!


. . . this was the type of day all the riders had dreamed of and helped make the wet, nasty days in WA and OR a distant memory. Temps in the mornings now were usually in the high 50’s!!!


. . . got to remember to look over your shoulder once in a while to see what the morning light is lighting up!!!


Soon we rode over the over famous bridge along the way . . . this bridge is featured in the Tour de California bicycle race and in many, many car ads.


One Kodak moment after another . . . the camera can REALLY not capture the depth and width of the human eye, but it is a nice memory.


We turned inland about three miles to roll through the village of Big Sur, 300 people strong. Interesting the village is not directly on the coastline. LOTS of tourists!!


We were coming down from the cliffs as we nearly Lucia.


The bridges and the roads are amazing . . .


. . . and of course they were not built overnight . . .


. . . and have been popular ever since they opened!!!!


. . . one more stretch of lower coastline . . .


. .  . as we passed through the avalanche proof covered bridge to our night at the Lime Kiln Campground. A night to remind me why this is my last camping trip!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 32, Monterey to Lucia”

  1. Rick…your photos reinforce why I tell everyone that the best ACA ride I’ve ever done is the PacCoast. I might even do it again someday. Then again, the Great Divide is right up there with it.

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