Lets ride!!

It’s only September and it seems like there must be time to get at least one more extended ride in this year . . .


Lets see . . . Trans Am, no did that in 2008. Southern Tier, nope 2015 . . . there is the Northern Tier, ugh-ugh rode it in 2017.

Still on the bucket list . . . the Pacific Coast ride from Canada to Mexico. LETS RIDE!!!

I broke Traci TREK, one of my carbon bikes, last year in Ireland when I crashed. I bought a new TREK Checkpoint (shown above) as a travel bike replacement . . .  but I could hear my old steed Connie Cannondale whinnying from out in the stable that she had at LEAST one more big ride left in her and didn’t want to be put out to pasture just yet.


Having ridden her on the Big Bend and Northern Tier rides, she needed a little ‘tune up’ before she was ready for another romp . . .


. . . and after everything went back together, with no extra parts left over, a test ride proved she was ready to run!!! She is really the perfect mount for this type of ride. 32mm tires this trip, her built in electric generating front hub that during the day keeps a front and rear light illuminated AS WELL as charging my phone, gps or camera battery, has fenders to help shed the rain were are bound to ride through, has a large handlebar bag to carry my lunch (VERY important and already has racks on for an extra pannier or two and last but not least a kickstand. Turns out that is a big deal when touring. If you don’t have one every time you stop, and there are many stops, one is constantly looking for a safe place to lay your bike down without damaging it. Not so easy to find a place some times. Wouldn’t leave home without one!!

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