Day 24, Bueng Kan – Ban Paeng

Some of us that had rooms located on the front of the hotel slept fine but those on the back of the hotel had a noisy night as a wedding party spent most of the night . . . partying!!!

Evidently it is not uncommon for Thai weddings to last three days. It started last night and this morning, as we were leaving, the grooms family arrived on this coach.

. . .there was LOTS of loud music as the group headed across the parking lot to the entrance of the hotel . . .

. . . where the brides parents and family had gathered.

Check out this video of the procession!!!

Down the road we went, a busy highway actually, and came upon this statue . . . lost in translation???

. . . but soon Woodie steered us back onto some beautiful biking roads . . .

. . . and a couple of hours later we stopped at this little resort to use their pavilion for our morning break.

. . .the advertising made the rooms look a little . . . ‘spartan’!!!

As we continued to bike along the river, sandbars were popping up, just like at home on the Wisconsin River.

Woodie steered us into a little mat and weaving operation that was employing about four people.

This woman was making some type of linen. You can see the finished product rolled up near her elbows . . . lots of arm and foot movement involved!!!

. . . and these women . . .

. . . were making floor mats out of reeds.

Cynthia bought a couple of mats and here she is with the woman who made the mats . . .

. . . out of material that was growing right outside of the house!!

. . . and here was her pup posing with it’s legs crossed just like our Daisy does back in WI. Where is Daisy and Smoochie . . . I miss them so!!