Day 18, 19, 20 Bangkok

The next couple of days were sort of a whirlwind blur . . . however I kept pretty close to the hotel . . . tummy seemed to be getting better!!??

At 6:00am on Sunday morning we left for the airport get fitted for the bikes we would use on Bike Trip #2 and for a little shakedown ride around the airport on a the ‘Happy and Healthy Bike Lane’.

This track was constructed in 2017 and is used heavily by the urban recreational bicycling population. In a city of 9 million . . . you don’t see too many people riding on the streets . . . too dangerous!!!

His Majesty the King  presided over the official re-opening of the  23.5-kilometre (about 15 mile) cycling lane at Suvarnabhumi airport on Nov 23, 2018. It has several restaurants and high end bike shops servicing the bike crowd.

Prior to the re-opening, the track was know as the ‘Sky Lane’ but in the spirit of enjoying bicycling he renamed it the ‘Happy and Healthy Bike Lane’.  The track has a very smooth surface and the recreational, or slower riders, stay in the blue lane.

The adjacent purple lane is reserved for those more serious speed crowd, with the riders racing around the track in a paceline.

We met up with our crew to get fitted with our new bikes. Nice TREK’s again, that looked almost new!!! This is the bike I would ride today . . .

. . . and this is the bike I would ride on the Bike Trip #2 . . . an ELECTRIC Giant!!!

About 5 days ago, on Thursday, I had to make a decision regarding what my riding options were for the second trip. I had not been eating much, was usually very weak by the afternoon, and had to jump into the van on and off due to fatigue. I didn’t seem to be getting better and on the second trip we would be a loooooong ways from Bangkok and Spice Roads HQ.

So rather than potentially spent time riding in the van during  the afternoons (if I didn’t get any better) I ‘bought some insurance’ by changing from a standard road bike rental to an electric model that would help me get through the day.

They do not allow E bikes on the track so this morning I road what would have been my road bike on trip #2.

Here is the Garmin track of the ride . . . FUN!!!!

After the ride we had coffee and smoothies at a restaurant adjacent the track where they had this great motto posted!!!

After our track run we returned to the hotel, showered and headed by tram to the Bangkok Market. Quite the place with lots of stuff you don’t need . . . but the place was packed!!

Before we knew it , it was time for dinner. Tonight we went to a GREAT area know as ‘The Commons’ . . .

. . . sort of a high end food court where you walk around and get everything from steak, seafood, pork, international and western cuisine.

. . . something for everyone. And more advice!!!

. . . yes!!!!

After a restful night, mid afternoon the next day we transferred to our first ‘official’ hotel of our second trip, ‘Biking the Mighty Mekong’. Of course our van was outfitted with the latest Buddha gear insuring a safe ride through the  city of 9 million!!!

We were staying overnight at the Midi Hotel which was close to the airport.

Haven’t seen many bugs, of the flying variety, but they had recharged electric bug zappers just in case!!!

. . . and the requisite Buddha shrine outside in the parking lot. This Buddha evidently liked small painted wooden animals!!!

Nice place . . .

. . . where they wanted guest to know this was a  ‘No Squat” zone!!!

Interestingly in the Bangkok newspaper there was a photo of a US Navy ship, ‘The Green Bay’ an amphibious transport dock,  that was visiting the area.

In this video you can get a fell of what it was like all night!!!

We met our new guide for Trip #2, Woodie, and planned to have our initial ‘meet and greet’ dinner and meeting to discuss the upcoming trip.

The nicest restaurant in the hotel complex seemed to be this one. Woodie said it had music but when we walked in there was gentle ‘musak’ playing which didn’t; seem to be overwhelming or too loud for our meeting. Unbeknownst to us it was karaoke night and there because a steady stream of participants that rotated and took their turn belting out the latest Thai pop songs. This woman look like a regular, complete with her ‘lounge dress’ flowing down to the stage. It was a looooooong dinner and no meeting tonight!!!