Day 17, Laem Mae Phim – Bangkok

Today it was a leisurely breakfast and then van transport to the booming city of Bangkok, urban population of 9.5 million!!

The trip was ‘officially’ over when we reached Bangkok and three of our folks were on their way home. The rest of us had two days of R&R in Bangkok and would then head our on Bike Trip #2!!!

TommyH and I were staying at the Salil Hotel Throng Lor Soi for the two nights and upon our arrival our room was not ready so . . . how about a little lunchy and a few beers, poolside!!!

It was a nice place . . . but not as nice as the Sommerset, where some of the rest of the gang were staying  . . .

. . . nice Lotus parked outside of our hotel.

. . . a washer and dryer in every room and an infinity pool on  the 15th floor . . . no net!!!

Lots of restaurants in the area and the first night we dined at the ‘Eating Room’ !!!