Day 16, Chantaburi – Laem Mae Phim

This was our last day of riding as we head to Laem Mae Phim, our home for the night . . .

Huey is very proud of his handmade bike and the fact he bought it along!!!

On the way out of town we were passed by several of the HUGE touring buses we have seen all long the trip

They are usually double deckers, got every bell and whistle on the outside and usually have some type of wild paint job. They always look top  heavy to me, especially when they are rounding a curve!!

Today it would be all about riding through an aquaculture area, mostly farm raised shrimp. Check the bag of frozen shrimp next time you buy some . . . bet they are from Thailand!!! The infrastructure to support the industry was very good. Actual concrete lined canals . . .

. . . and well maintained ponds. Some were in production, some were not.

We also stopped at a fisheries demo area, where many kinds of fish were being raised . . .

. . . turtles being raised in captivity too.

. . . and as we have seen so far in Thailand, shrines to the beloved King are EVERYWHERE!!!


These women were fishing off the loading ramp next to the demo area and were clothed from head to foot, including their hands and faces. Going for the ‘white skinned look’, I guess.

Our new lead guide Nik made a good impression on us  by including this coffee shop along the way as our first rest stop!!!

Not sure what Popeye and Olive Oil had to do with it but the coffee and smoothies were GREAT!!

Here Nik jumped in and helped distribute the goodies!!

What . . . are we back in Cape Cod??? Hard to believe this architecture so far from home!

If it was closer to lunch . . . we could have had the seafood platter!!!

It was time to climb our steepest pitch so far on the trip so far, an 18 percenter up to a scenic view!

Oh yeah!!!

Before long it was time for lunch and we ate seaside!!!

My tummy was feeling a little better and I needed to get some protein in my system so tried a little of the sea bass. Looks good but unfortunately has a lot of little ‘pin bones’, one of which I got stuck in the back of my throat!!! It would be two day until I got it out using the ‘rice ball method’, recommended by Nik.

Rolling little gobs of rice into balls about the size of a marble and swallowing them whole. The fourth one that went down snagged the bone and pulled it out!!!

Along side the restaurant, and now landlocked, was this old frigate. We couldn’t tell if it was US or Canadian made. But we climbed all over the thing . . . probably wouldn’t be allowed in the US for liability reasons!

It was time to shove off and Eileen discovered she had the first flat of the trip. Easy ‘pit stop’ change though as her flat back tire was just replaced with the rear wheel off a spare bike!

Down the road we biked through banana plantations . . .

and onto a bike lane!!!! Heading towards Peggy’s Cove Resort, another East Coast US designed building. Go figure!!!

Other than the mosque I saw along the river, this is the first sign of any other religion other than Buddhism.

. . . and soon we arrived t our last hotel, the Bandara On Sea Resort. Nice place!

. . . with some interesting vegetation.

Well kept up . . .

. . . and all the plumbing worked!!!

Tommy H decided to go swimming and after putting on the furnished robe and slippers grabbed his cute little dittie bag and headed down to the pool.

The gang headed into town for dinner but I decided to stick close to the hotel . . . after enjoying the sunset on the beach . . . (where is my Smoochie???)

I enjoyed a nice little margarita pizza . . . and a glass of wine.