Day 15, Pailin – Chantaburi

We left our cozy guesthouses behind  . . .

. . . said goodbye to the local Buddha and headed to another border crossing this time into Thailand.

Nak explained the route and what we would see along the way today.

Away we go!!!

Still time for one last snack break. The jackfuit  and fried banana was sumptuous!!

As we left the country of Cambodia the boys wanted o get one last political statement in . . . in fact three in a row . . .

Folks had told us the two most popular sign in Cambodia are that of the ruling class and signs for Ganzberg Beer. They were right. I’m not sure which one wins!!!

Soon we saw high rises on the horizon and knew we were approaching the border.

We were told Buddhist and Hindis believe in many gods, inducing the god of wealth. I guess he resides in this hotel . . . nice digs!!!

We all retrieved our personal gear off the bikes, our luggage, said goodbye to Nak and the other staff

. . . and headed across the strip of no mans land to Thailand!!!

. . right away things started looking different, starting with the roads . . .they were paved!!!

This was an interesting sight. The guy on the motorbike ahead had a passenger sitting behind him who was holding a stick that had an an IV bag attached to the top with a line running down to the driver’s arm. Eileen, who is right next to the motorcycle in the picture above, said she saw it too. Must not be able to get too far from his medicine!!!!

Tonight we would stay at the Sand Dune Beach Resort . . .quite the place!!! Not many visitors. Our new guide, Nik, told us once all the beach development had been competed, with lots of political fanfare, visitors stopped coming because the water is very rough,  turbid and the beaches not so good!!!

It certainly met our needs for the night!

In fact, it is the only hotel I have been in that had a sliding door in the shower in case you wanted to commune with nature while showering!!! Of course being on the fourth flour and facing the highway one mostly saw the four lane highway . . . and they saw you!! I was second to take a shower and TommyH had opened the door!!!

. . and they had quite the ‘tuk-tuk’ for moving guests around!!