Day 8, Chau Doc – Phnom Penh

Today would be a day off the bikes, as we bused to the local docks  . . .

. . . and boarded our boat for our ride into Cambodia, and our home for the night Phnom Pehn.

On the river we had to stop at the Vietnam immigration station to ‘check out’ of the country. I decided to check out the bathroom which was not very inviting. Maybe the ones when you are ‘entering’ the country are in better shape!!!

There were several Vietnamese customs boats ready to take off on a moments notice!!

Soon we traveled down river a bit more and came to the Cambodian Immigration station where we ‘de-boated’ and went through immigration ‘checking  into’ Cambodia..


We checked into the Royal Palace Hotel . . . which has lots of awards

and was quite nice.

We then toured Tuol Sleng Prison, known as S21, one of Pol Pot’s many prison that existing during his regime.

This one had been an elementary school . . .

and the classrooms were used as torture chambers . . . I’l spare you the details but it is safe to say it was gruesome. It is unbelievable the horror the Cambodian population suffered during his rein of terror. Nearly every family was affected in some way. Many were killed simply because they  wore eyeglasses, which Pol Pot took as a sign of some possible being an ‘intelligentsia’ and could be someone who might cause unrest by questioning his tactics and regime.

Tonight before going our to eat we visited the Famous Correspondence Club, located on the second floor of a hotel, THE local drinking spot for journalists during the Vietnam War. Great view of the waterfront.

Scanning the menu, I noticed they had Death’s Door White Bourbon which is made in Door County, WISCONSIN!!! Of course I had to have one. Very nice and it traveled well!!!

After dinner we walked back to our hotel where if you had not had enough, there was plenty more available . . . right outside the door!!!