Day 18, Adara – Stranolar



Today had two routes from Adara to Stranolar. One 30 miler and one about 45 miles. The 30 milers avoided the rain coming through the area . . . the 45 milers were not so lucky . We are staying at a nice place called the Keys Hotel.

Everything over here has history . . . including our hotel.

Nice place . . .  airy interiors,

. . . a warm reception area (they wouldn’t lets us check in until 3:30pm we just  got our rooms before  a tour bus full of ‘old people’  wearing nametags rolled up who were also staying the night!!!!

. . . big rooms


. . . and right down the road was a brightly colored place for lunch and a pint!!!!


. . .  and yes they have food carts in Ireland, too!!!


The villages of Stanolar and Ballybofey are right across the river from each other. The oak tree seems to be a local design favorite of the sculptors.  . .


. . . and jewelry artists!!!!

. . . brown water at the hotel again (alothg it look clear to me???). It’s  what they filter their wiskey through . . .  FUN!!!

. . . . so I tried a little of it at the bar at tonight’s happy hour . . . tasted great!!!