Day 17, Ardara

A nice rest say in Ardara with laundry, touring, shopping and lots to do in town.

No meeting today, it would be held tomorrow before breakfast, or official l happy hour but that did not prevent a gathering in the bar to tip a few. Dave had a map of Ireland with our route on it and a route one he had driven just  last month. Between the two trip, he just about has covered Ireland!!

Paddy became our latest  ‘favorite’ bartender in Ireland. Here he is  reacting to the list of special ingredients Deb was naming off for her gin and  tonic, He had them all but was most worried about the slice of lemon. I have  consumed a lifetimes worth of Guiness on this trip!!!

Just about the whole crowd headed down to the corner bar that was featuring Celtic Music tonight. A guitarist and a fiddle/banjo player filled the room with Irish ballads and love songs . . . the real thing and a lot of fun!!! Click the photos to see the videos.