Day 16, Rossnowlagh – Ardara


Sunny sky today when we woke on the oceanfront. This was an interesting sign hanging in our hotel bathroom. At the Glendalough Hotel we couldn’t drink tap water in the  rooms because of what we thought were lead  pipes and had to bring carafes of water up from the bar. OK here though because it is filtered by ‘peat’. Not sure that would fly in the US.!!!


Here Tony gives Jay and Sheila some advice on route alternatives today to stay off some of the local, skinny roads with their tandem.


We stopped in Donegal for a bit today and regrouped with some of the riders . . .


. . .the central square in town is actually called the ‘Diamond District’ . . .


. . . where one had many opportunities to wet one’s  whistle (too early in the day even for Wisconsinites) . . .


. . . this seemed like an old 1950’s cigarette ad!!!


oh and there was shopping too . . . Denise and Judy stop to buy some Irish tweed.


. . . you would think Ireland could come up with their own best coffee!!!


Nice church on the way out of town . . . it was Methodist!!! (we have seen several Baptist churches, too)


We arrived in Ardara about noon so while Tony got things squared away I went to  Charlie’s Café and enjoyed a nice chicken curry. Rice or chips available or half order of each . . . I went with the half and half!


A lot of history here. Ardara during the 1860’s . . .


. . . including the Nesbitt Hotel  . . .


. . . where we are staying for the next next two nights. The Irish Times named it the best village in which to live in Ireland.


Interesting in this shot, other than the nice old bike mounted on the wall above the ‘An Buisceir’, is this mobile Ulster Bank, sort of like an old Bookmobile, but for  banking . . .


. . . people would walk in and there was a teller sitting behind a window, just like in a bank . . . FUN!!!


. . . so the blood is starting to drain in my bruises, especially on my left upper thigh which after the fall was just a nice shade of red road rash, sort of like the color of my shirt, but is now many, many shades of purple!!!