Day 1, Dublin – Cork


After several days of R&R in Dublin it was time move on with the Ireland ‘End to End’ ride . . . a quick city bus shuttle back to the airport


. . . where I met up with 6 of the other riders. Tony, our host for the week from the touring company Iron Donkey, had arrange a shuttle, shown above, for eight of us from the airport to Cork. The rest of the 26 riders found their own way down to Cork.

Two and a half hours later we arrived in Cork . . .


. . . where we unloaded our gear . . .


. . . checked into our rooms . . .


. . .and put together our bikes. Only four of the 26 are renting bikes, the rest of us brought our own. Mine had been opened in Chicago by TSI and lucky for me they got the parts of the case back together OK.


. . . it looked like a bike repair shop as we took over the outdoor seating areas on each side of the main entrance. Nothing like a group of biker making themselves feel at home!!!


Tony and John will be transporting out bikes and luggage to our starting point. My roomie, Don, here is ready to load his rental bike. Our Bicycle Adventure Club ride leader, Tom, from New York, is in the plaid shirt.


Before dinner we had our first happy hour and meeting where logistics were discussed and the rules of the road in Ireland explained.


A yummy dinner for us of vegetable soup, salmon on pureed potatoes and profiteroles was provided and we had a guest musician, Rosie. Rosie and Deb, one of our riders, have been in communication for over 20 years, via an online chat group, regarding a popular English soap opera. They had never met her in person until tonight!! Rosie provided a fine musical welcome to Ireland. One more Pinot Gris and it was time for bed.