Day 22, Cardston, Alberta

We ended up being pushed back one day on our trip due to the closure of Loup Loup Pass so we missed our reservation in Waterton Village. There was a wedding reception scheduled in the area we need today to camp. The gall of some people!!!! So . . . we camped outside of town at the Waterton Springs Campground. The place was PACKED due it being Canada Day weekend.

Some took the shuttle the campground owner provided us this morning into Waterton to walk around a bit and soak up the local scene . . .


. .  . of course one of the most famous building in town and in the world (you see it on many calendars) is the Prince of Wales Hotel.


. . .  this is the view out the dining room window, without Connie and  me of course!!


There is a great trail right out of town, the Bear Paw. that in about an hours hike takes you far above the city . . .


Great views in all directions!!!


. . . and there is the hotel in the lower part of the photo.


Soon it was time to load up and leave the park, heading east towards Cardston, our home for the night.


Great scenery and we were leaving the mountains behind . . .


. . . a TNC protected marsh along the way. The Canadian logo has the traditional leaf but also a bird silhouette above the word ‘Nature’.


Big Chief Mountain still dominated the horizon as we pedal east . . .


it wasn’t long before we were definitely in the wide open, prairie areas of Alberta. Most of the days riding consisted of these long ‘Alberta rollers’!! You can see D ahead of me in the red circle.


. . . TNC featured again!


It’s Sunday and I was trying to go to Mass as I pedaled through Mountain View, Leavitt and Cardston all which had tall steepled buildings. Upon further investigation I found they were all Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). No Catholics around here!!!


Looks like some type of escarpment going on around here . . . going to have to put Smoochie on the investigative trail to finds out what it is all about . . .


A great name sign at the entrance to one of the many ranches we were now passing.


With lots of Red Angus cattle grazing everywhere . . . we are definitely on the Cowboy Trail!


Couldn’t figure out what this was all about with the painting of the flying saucer. Might be Alberta’s version of our ‘Area 51’ !!!


. . . as we rolled into Cardston, I was looking for a directional sign, like so many communities have, pointing to the library.  Although it is Sunday and It would be closed they usually do not turn off the wifi. No library in sign Cardston, but there was one to the rodeo. Giddy Up!!!

Tomorrow it’s a 70 miler back into the good old US of A with an overnight in Cut Bank, MT. Wade and I are cooking and we are thinking of ‘Wally’s Stew’ a concoction a tour leader he  knows came up with.

I have also picked up the trail name Wally. Rod kept calling me Wally the first week of the trip because I reminded him of a buddy  of his named. Wally. I told him I liked it and to keep calling the that . . . and he does!!!