Day 35

Nice quiet night, there was some rain during the night but it was all over by the time we were ready to go to breakfast.


Short day today . . . or so we thought, so we didn’t head downtown until 8:00am for breakfast. The Waffle Shoppe,  had a LOT more to eat than waffles . . .


Including MANY variations of Biscuit’s and Gravy . . .


A great gang of waitstaff descended on us to make sure we were all stuffed . . .


. . . sausage patties as big as hamburgers!!!!


As we left town, I saw my first drive through Crayfish stand . . . they REALLY make it easy here to get your snacks . . .


. . . local ordinance?????


Good American’s . . . got the flag, the porch and the rocking chairs!!!!!


Not sure what this was all about . . . but I think I will pass on the Diaper Cakes (whatever they are) . . .


Freezer beef . . . not sure how it differs from regular beef, but No Hormones!!!!


mmmmmmmm . . . miniature rat terriers . . . can you say rats????


Allen Parish must be a REALLY small entity . . . Entering Allen Parish . . . and leaving the Soil & Water District, all in 25 feet!!!!


Another great name . . . Burl Cain!!!


We are evidently in a great canoeing area . . . lots of liveries. Not too busy on Easter weekend, though.


Our first sign of the word Cajun . . . here at Cajun Dave’s you can get whatever you need  . . . Cajun style !!!


Gina and Karen drove to Oberlin and rode back towards us. When I saw her, she told me there was a dead bobcat on the road, right on the outskirts of Oberlin. She is a GREAT kidder and I thought she was telling another fib, until I rolled into town and saw what looked like a BIG cat in the road . . .


. . .it was a big cat . . . a bobcat!!!!


Beautiful animal . . . with great markings.


Seemed to be in a ‘peaceful’ state. Linda, respectfully, pulled it off the road.


Hey look at that . . . another crayfish drive through as we entered town . . .


We got to the Oberlin Inn, which ended up being probably the worst place we have ‘tried’ to stay. Conference in session . . .


. . . the rooms had a bad stench and the second floor was a ‘residence area’. There was a guy sitting on the steps that looked like he was in the process of being evicted. A group decision to reload the vehicle and head to the next town, 30 miles down the road . . . Eunice. It will put us 30 miles closer to Lafayette too, as we head for New Orleans.


I met Echol who was heading west from West Palm Beach, FL. He sold his house and plans on being on the road for the next ten years. He’s heading to San Diego and then on up to Alaska!!!!


. . . and has a unique ‘third wheel’ he pulls behind his bike. The wheel can be used as a spare for the front too!!!! GREAT idea. He says he can’t feel it being towed behind.


Everybody seems to be drinking chocolate milk for a ‘recovery drink’. Looks like you could jump right in this river and bath in chocolate milk. Must have been some heavy rain in the area to produce this much sediment runoff.


mmmmmmm . . . wonder what they are brewing in this chemical plant on the shore of this crayfish farm.


As we rolled into Eunice, we also entered an National Heritage Area . . . nice!!!!


Nice mural welcoming us to town . . . big Wisconsin game tonight!!!!