Day 28

We had a great dinner with the Michiganders at the Agave Mexican Restaurant. Margaritas, cerveza and LOTS of cheese!!!


In the morning we met this couple who were on their way to an old car show. The Burro was evidently very popular in the 80’s . . .


. . . of course we had to ask for a look inside. Karen and Paul have now joined us on the ride. Karen will be with us through Cycle Zydeco and Paul is going all the way to St Augustine with us.


Here was another party who stayed overnight at our motel. He wasn’t around but there was LOTS od cooing coming from the trailer!


Today would be an easy 55 mile ride into Austin, our overnight, and rest day on Sunday. Another warm BEAUTIFUL morning and day.


This was REALLY a pleasant site on the way out of town . . .


. . . and BEAUTIFULLY paved roads. No more aggregate!!!! My back still hurts from two days ago, can’t lift anything heavy and have a hard time getting out of bed. Walk around hunch over like an old man! Hope the next two days of rest will help . . . of course I am getting older. My Birthday today!!!!


This was our first water crossing . . . BIG fun. I’m wearing biking sandals . . . so no problem!!!


Oh . . . there are a few hills on the way to Austin . . .


. . . and some are sort of LONG! 3,100 ft of climbing by the time we arrive downtown.


SAG corner here, right outside of the Austin


Guess who found a new ‘collectable’ along the road?


This guy must be able to talk to anyone in the world with the ham radio setup he had. . . and he was on top of a hill!!!


Right as we entered the Austin suburbs we had two motorcycle cops go by us with their lights on. The third one that went by gave us a blast of his siren. We turned around and saw several hundred Harley types coming our way. We moved off the road to let them pass. mmmm . . . police escort? maybe they were running them out of town!!!


Austin City limits . . . the Austin Relays track meet, is going on this weekend plus LOTS of spring outdoor activities. Biking, skating, roller blading, Farmers Market, etc.


‘Rent a Bike’ program, just like in MSN.


We are staying right in downtown Austin so it was an interesting ride in from the ‘burbs!

I spent all day while riding thinking about all the years and history preceding today and how lucky I have been in my life to have the family I do, the friends I do, and of course . . . Smoochie, the love of my life.

By the time I got to our hotel in Austin, I felt I had stepped back in time . . . and guess maybe I had!!!!hair

The left photo is when I had left Johnson city this morning, and the right photo is after I had spent 5 hours reminiscing about my life and stepping back in time.  20 years younger?!!!!


Several of our riders have done a few ‘touch ups’ during the ride and I thought maybe I should too. In fact, I thought since it was my birthday, maybe I should do a whole makeover. Thanks to Margie for helping out!!!! Was supposed to be brown but the package ended up saying, ‘Auburn, Brown, Red Mahogany”. I think I look like Alan Calder, the announcer on the David Letterman Show!!!


Margie getting ready to do the ‘Full Monty’!!! 

See my stylist in action video above!!!


Got to let it sit for 20 minutes . . . even got the eyebrows . . .


And thanks so much to my honey for having a nice birthday present box waiting for me at the Super 8. Lot’s of goodies and chocolates. I’m saving the box above for myself. Love you . . .