Day 23



I went down to the truck stop for breakfast at 7:30am, the only place open in town  . . . still dark! On the way back I passed this house in Sanderson . . . work of art?


We all left town early, as you can see before the sun was actually all the way up, to beat the heat. Going to be 85 degrees today!


Ouch . . . this one hurt somebody!!!


Where the original saying came from . . . ?


Got to look over your shoulder once in a while instead of just into the rising sun. The sun is harsh in this area. This is where we came from . . .


Down the road I came to this air field . . . in the middle of nowhere!


Ends up it was a military base, built in 1919, to provide air support to protect the border. Today it belongs to Terrell County!


Soon three of us were in Dryden where we tied up with Mark and Julie. They had left before sunrise as had the Michigander’s. After a short refreshing break we were all back out on the road.


Here was someone’s dream coming to fruition . . . in the middle of Nowhere, USA . . .


Snaren, Every room will have a ‘million dollar view’!!!


The Dagger Yuccas are just starting to flower. . . nice!


It must get hot out here. This telecommunications building needs 6 cooling plants to keep it at operating temps!


One of thee first critters that hasn’t run when I stopped to take a photo. Cows, little doggies, vultures, ducks all leave as soon as I get the camera out. I wish I had had an apple for this beauty.


Friendly people in Cedar Creek!


This memorial seemed pretty elaborate. The latest thing in memorials seems to be solar powered lights.


Soon we met a bunch of folks traveling west, after staying in Langtry, which will be our home for the night. Here was Adam from Pennsylvania . . .


followed by Pete and Karen from New Hampshire. They went from NH down to Key West and up to Austin last year. They just picked up the Southern Tier in Austin, for 2015, and are heading  to San Diego and then up to Alaska. They are both retired foreign service workers. The bike, their gear and they all weigh in at 430 pounds rolling down the road!!!


. . . and soon I met Ricky and Amy, from Australia, who had also started in Key West. Nice young couple having the time of their life!


The Osman Canyon was VERY nice to bike through and very scenic .


. . . but as most places along the roads out here, don’t look down. Lots of JUNK!


. . . I guess everyone is not following this advice. Too bad.


The Border Patrol are busy patrolling these dirt roads along the highway. Looking for footprints from last night.


This memorial even had a special compartment for the individual’s belongings. The glass was broke but nothing looked like it was stolen (of course how would I know?)


Great geology along the way. Wish I had a ‘Roadside Geology’ book for TX!


There has to be water in these creeks, rivers, streams some time! A Border patrol agent I talked to in Langtry said he has seen water rushing under this bridge . . . but it never lasts for more than a few days.

Speaking of dry . . . I was down almost two water bottles and need H20. Thought I was hallucinating from the heat when I looked ahead and saw this truck  . . .  a desert mirage? . . . The dark-haired Bo Derek look alike from Bolero, with not only ‘The Hat’, but a new outfit too!!!!


We knew we were getting close to hour home for the night, Langtry, when we saw a billboard for it’s most famous citizen, Judge Roy Bean.


Our home for the the the Langtry Motel . . .


. . . six rooms.


Hey . . . wait a minute. I know that truck! It’s Selena’s, ‘The Hardest Working Woman in Sanderson’!


. . . ends up she is also the ‘Hardest Working Woman in Langtry’, too . . .  here cleaning our Room, Number 3!


Word had got out about the ‘Desert Mirage’ and people were coming from far and wide to meet her!


We toured the Judge Bean Exhibit in Langrty . . .


. . . here was the bar he ‘conducted’ business at . . .


both court proceedings and liquor business. Evidently he was known to interrupt one business to, tend to another, at the same time!!


Not sure what this mini guillotine was used to ‘cut off’!!!!


Here is the Opera House he constructed trying to lure his fantasy woman, the English Singer, Lillie to move to Langtry. She never appeared, before he died.


Nice cactus garden too . . .


. . . with some of the plants just blooming.


The Weather Channel on in the movie room at the Roy Bean Museum. Sorry to hear MSN got 6 inches of snow last night. Going to be in the high 80’s tomorrow  . . . as we head for Del Rio, TX!!!