Day 34, San Simeon to Pismo Beach


On the road it is all about calories. Some need more than others and some eat healthy than others . . . this is one of the healthy gallon size ‘feedbags’!!! (not mine)


Just down the road from the campground we rode through Cambria, where this past weekend they celebrated their BIG Oktoberfest . . .


. . . there were still LOTS of scarecrows and paper mache mannequins around town, including this group of the ‘living dead’ . . . .


. .  and this group of ‘florry dory’ girls from the local jail . . .


. . . as well as this local biker, or wait . . . is it one our own??????


. . . this navy boy won a ribbon!!


On the way out of town I met this trio that were protesting ‘active shooter’ training for grade school children. They had been at it every morning at 8:00am, for about a month, and planned on keeping it up until the CA laws regarding gun control are changed!!!


. . . about five miles down the road was this big billboard for Harmony Wine . . .


geesh . . . everyone in Harmony must work at the winery!!!!


Just before I turn onto Los Osso Valley Rd, I met Vicki. She was walking down the road with this sign so of course I had to check it out. She had her car parked about 300 feet away, at an intersection, and had walked down the road to retrieve the sign. She is from Crane Country Day School in Santa Barbara that brought 160 students to the Morro Bay area for biking, hiking and kayaking. This mornings group had just finished biking. She was a pleasant person who you could tell is a great teacher!!!


CA may be the land of milk and honey, and ‘free love’ but they DEFINITELY are not giving away free mulch!!!!


The ‘rock in the harbor’ Morro Bay gets it’s name . . . big I’m telling you, BIG!!!


Not too much road kill on this trip but here is a beautiful snake I could not pass up . . . looked like it was sleeping or sunning itself!!!!


Los Osso community . . . Land of the Golden Bear!!!


A fifteen mile section of rural road took us to Saint Luis Obispo, a town of thousands of Californians. I was stopped at a light when traffic at the light coming the other way started honking incessantly. the light had turned green and the car at the head of the line was looking at this hoverboard laying in front of them that must have fallen off the car in front of them. Pressed on by the honking, they drove around the board. The next two trucks and a car drove right over it . . . parts is parts!!!!


oh . . . there was some interesting architecture in town!!!!


We finally reached Pismo Beach, our home for the night and rode along Pier Street to the Pismo Beach State Park. Probably the best state park we have stayed in on the whole trip. Toilet/shower buildings were brand new!!!! Funny how important showers and toilets become when on a trip like this. The bathrooms even had lights in them!!!!


The only place better to have stayed at was here . . . our campground is the sandy area on the bay.


New development in town . . . you’d think they could have picked a better name!!!!!

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