Day 29, San Francisco to Half Moon Bay State Park


Vacation is over, time to punch in this morning and get back to work, riding the road! First order of business at the hostel is to pack out all the linens and bedding they provided . . .


Joe was wearing his Lady of Guadalupe biking hat today as a good omen to help get us through the busy areas of San Francisco and into the countryside . . .


Some of us biked out of town together on the Marina Dr trail to the south end of the Golden Gate bridge . . . why not stop for a group shot!!!


. . . from the bridge we rode through Golden Gate Park and past this windmill . . . not sure of it’s significance . . .


. . .  and by this rushing waterfall, which I have a hunch may have been treated water from their sewer treatment plant!!!!


Soon we were back at the ocean. Very windy this morning as we headed south . . .


. . . and on this part of the highway the ‘merge to one lane’ markings were almost obliterated by the sand. Must be a never ending battle with Mother Nature!!!


Back on Hwy 1 we went, the road with the variable shoulder . . . there was not much in this stretch as we rode through morning rush hour traffic . . . sure hope Joe still has his hat on!!!!


. . . as we started to climb the views got better . . . more homes along the coast here than in WA or OR.


Around Daly City we got off Hwy 1 for a bit and got a good look at what I think was an early experiment with building ‘suburbia’ !!


Californian’s must REALLY like Halloween because we’ve been seeing decorations for about a week now, including this pair having an ‘eternal’ good time in someone’s front yard!!!!


. . . same house, different color . . . and steep roads!!!!


Leaving Daly City, we climbed higher and higher . . .


. . . thinking of my father as I biked by this golf course . . .


. . . he was quite the golfer and would have LOVED this course, right on the ocean!!!! Miss you dad . . .


Soon we came to the one mile long Tom Lantos (???) tunnel . . . .


. . . really a beautiful new creation (if tunnels can be a thing of beauty). Wide shoulder, good lighting, big ventilation fans, not a bit of sand, dirt or oil and nobody ‘coal rolled’ us!!!!


. . . the exit . . .


. . . where if you turned around 180 degrees you saw what we believe is a relic from WWII . . .


. . . an old bunker used to protect the coast, now nicely decorated!!!


. . . and it was in quite a strategic location!!!


Nearing Half Moon Bay we noted their Pumpkin Festival is this weekend which is evidently known world wide . . . too bad we missed this event!!!


. . . tonight we are staying right on the ocean in these two campsite in Half Moon Bay Sea Beach area. Things are a lot browner here as the annual grass is all dead. Nice breeze off the ocean and hoping for nice sleeping weather. When we started from SF (don’t call it Frisco, the locals hate that!!!) this morning it was 56 degrees!!! Denise is cooking with Dave tonight and making the Corn Chowder she and I were supposed to make a week ago when we had the big P G&E blackout.

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