Day 28, San Francisco – layover day


Hostels always have a free breakfast, although it is minimal. Coffee, juice, bread, peanut butter, plain yogurt and granola. Enough to get you going for the day. Most of us slept in and were in the dining room by 7:15am. I had not test ridden Connie yet since her surgery and thought I needed to ride today so off I went to the Golden Gate bridge. Lots of b-bikes available around town. Use them and leave them wherever you want . . .


. . . and scooters, too!!!


Nice ride on the Marina Blvd bike trail which kept me off the busy road . . . and nice views of the bridge . . .


. . . once on the bridge there were LOTS of pedestrians and bike rentals. You REALLY need to look out for those renting bikes. Dangerous riders taking videos and selfies while riding (of course I was taking photos too but am used to doing it). Many of these riders looked like they had not been on a bike since they were a kid!!!


At the other end of the bridge I turned around and was headed for Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 and High Trails Cyclery . . .


Nice VERY expensive homes along Marina Dr . . .


. . . some with exotic yard art. The seated woman was creepy because whatever angle you looked at her she appeared to be staring at you!!!


I just drove by Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 but did not stop. Nothing I needed there!!!


LOTS of bike rentals, including this place called Blazing Saddles and Maria who was out calling over potential customers!!!!


After some climbing, I ended up on Russian Hills at the High Trails Cyclery shop . . .  once you get out of the tourist areas of SF, the city is VERY bikeable and lovely.


. . . Connie had been performing wonderfully but needed a new rear tire . . .


. . . this hole in the tire has caused three flats, even after being booted . . . SO no Continental Gatorskins in  32mm size, instead I got a Specialized Armadillo!!!


Lots of row houses in this residential area . . . reminds me of the TV series ‘Streets of San Francisco’ and Karl Malden.


The famous Coit Tower that was featured in one of the Dirty Hairy movies . . .


I was now on my way to Lombard Street, the ‘crookedest’ road in the USA, maybe the world, but had to stop for streetcars!!!


Lombard Street looking south . . .


. . . and the start of Lombard Street looking north . . .


. . . which of course Connie and I had to descend. Had the reins on her hauled in the whole way down!!!


. . . more tourists at the bottom, some clapped as we finished the decent!!!


More of an aerial view . . .

Dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf tonight!!!

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