Day 26, Mendicino KOA to Bodega Bay


In the van again today, with Tom. We stopped right away at a café in Manchester so he could catch up on his expense reports. Tom and Joe need to keep very detailed records of our daily expenditures to insure we stay in budget. The reporting needs to be done live, online, so when we have no connectivity they can easily get several days behind.


. . . Joe is riding sweep today and he and Hugh stopped by for a quick Ginger/Pear muffin snack, and catching up on all the news fit to print,  before heading on down the road.


The half way point, Stewart’s  Point, had a great mercantile where we tied up with most of the group. The sunny sky had turned to fog!!!!


. . . all the more reason to have a nice sandwich and beer which Glen promptly did!!!


. . . these two guys out in the parking lot were looking for some chow ,too.


. . . and who knew Bigfoot was such a patriot!!!!!


We are camping at Bodega Bay State Park located about two miles out of town on a sand spit. If there is a tsunami tonight . . . we will be some of the first to know. Elevation, about three feet above sea level!!!!


Tomorrow we reached San Francisco and I’m hoping Connie will be transformed from a unicycle to a bicycle again . . .


. . .  interestingly, the wrench at the last bike shop mentioned the two colors of the broken fork post indicated the shaft had been cracked before this incident. He asked me if I had ever hit anything before and sure enough, the incident about eight years ago when three ‘punks’ pushed a shopping cart in front of me immediately came to mind. The bike went one way, and I was launched the other way. The post was probably cracked then. The area circled in red is the cracked area that turned darker through the years as the metal anodized. The metal to the left that is whiter is the the part that finally failed on this trip. I’m very lucky the failure didn’t happen on the way down from Legget Mt when I was going 25-30 miles per hour. The good Lord was looking over my shoulder!!!!

Four are moteling it tonight and because of the long day all the riders had on the coast, we are eating dinner out in Bodega Bay. NICE!!!!

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