Day 25, McKittrich State Park to Mendicino KOA


Joe’s driving today and Tom is sweeping. Once the kitchen crew finishes with the breakfast and lunch prep, and have put things away  . . .


. . .  we are about ready to go. Make sure all the luggage is loaded,


. . . make sure all the rest of the gear is in the trailer . . .


. . . and with one more review of today’s route, Joe and Tom, Jenny, Joe and I were on the road. Jenny has a cold coming on and decided not not ride today. She slept in the van while Joe and I shopped for groceries at Safeway in Ft Bragg and then hung out for an hour or two at Starbucks, while he did his daily paperwork. Including a report of my ‘incident’!!!


. . . and I got a new Specialized flashy colored helmet to replace my cracked Bell (which I bought in Ireland to replace the one I cracked there last year when I crashed)!!!  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . is there a pattern developing here?????

KOA tonight and everyone who wanted to pay extra was able to get a cabin . . . five of us boys slept in tents!!!

Hugh and Pam cooked up some yummy viddles inside a great outdoor kitchen compete with three stoves, a microwave and three  sinks with HOT water!!!

BBQ chicken thighs, pesto  pasta salad, green salad with all the fixin’s and pumpkin or blueberry pie for dessert with REAL whipped cream!! Big day tomorrow for the riders.  74 miles and 4,600 feet of climbing!!!

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