Day 19, Layover Day, Brookings, OR


We are all staying in yurts for the two nights and David and his family had a yurt between our three. They are leaving to head back to their home in Vancouver, WA and were kind enough to give us their extra firewood. Thank you David!!!


My back is acting up again and I could hardly get out of bed on our rest day. Here Denise, my road wife,  retired physical therapist and sadist/dominatrix leads me through the “cobra’ exercise that is supposed to help. She was reassuring and my back actually seem to get better. She prescribed 10 reps, six times a day. Sometimes when she has back pain while riding, she stops and exercises alongside the road!!!  Got to get some Ibuprofen, too.

Not for the faint of heart!!!!


Ryan was riding sweep yesterday and while on the last mile of the ride, swerved to miss a truck that was not yielding to him. Unfortunately, he went down hard and after 3 hours in the ER came to camp with his two broken arms in casts!!! End of the ride for Ryan . . . but at least he didn’t hit his head!!! He spent a restless night in the yurt with Rich and me and will fill his hydro cordone prescription today which will hopefully give him some relief.


Most were vanning the 1.5 miles into town today because they had too much laundry to carry on their bikes. Rich, Denise and I decided to bike in and first . . .


. . . have a nice breakfast that was something other than Instant Oatmeal. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


Some of the gang at the laundromat . . .


. . . where we met Tom and Jan who are from the UK and traveling the same route we are AND are also staying out at Harris State Park.


. . . and we met Ebony, who with her cutie pup Sadie, was doing some wash before she headed into San Francisco by car. She had spent a month at a campground neat Klamath where she worked for free lodging. She is making plans to head back to Spain and rejoin her family after a 17 year absence. A singer, you can checkout her Facebook page at:  Ebony Str8upruesound

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