Day 17, Sunset Beach State Park to Port Orford


Coldest morning of the trip so far a chilly 32 degrees . . . hard to climb out of the sleeping bag and into cold clothes. They say there is no bad weather just bad equipment. But when it is this cold . . . yikes!!!


Anne has her saddest face on after she discovered her sandwich, which she left laying on the picnic table of the adjoining site for only five minutes, had been ‘discovered’ by one of the crows that cruise the campsites just waiting for a little snack to appear. The other night Glenn had to ward of two pesky raccoons with a stick!!!


. . . good advice, but it also reminds me of emJay and my weekend martini tradition. I miss you, Smoochie!!!!


This research facility was up ‘in the middle of nowhere’. Staff must have one heck of a commute!!!


Along one of the timber sales I saw this Christmas card laying in the ditch. I moved it to the fog line so the other riders behind me could enjoy it. Actually I think Santa has a tremendous resemblance to Wade, one of our riders from the 2017 Northern Tier. Wade, hope things are going well for you and you are continuing to make progress!!


What a great’ running water’ fountain advertising gimmick for this septic system company!!!


Once again we continued to climb . . .


. . . and climb and soon we were on ‘Seven Devils’ road and above he clouds!!!


Great vistas . . . and more timber sale activity.


After my flat the other day, I repaired it in camp and as I pumped it up, the tube blew out, sounding like a shotgun blast. Everybody in camp came running!!! I needed a new tube so today I stopped in town to pick one up and there was Anne, having her front wheel inspected by mechanic, Mike. She had hit the wheel on a curb or some hard object and he was recommending a new wheel. He didn’t have one but suggested a bike shop in Crescent City, CA. He trued it up the best he could and she was on her way.


Mike’s store will become a TREK dealer in December and he was in WI last January for the intensive six day TREK mechanic school held in Waterloo. We agreed the best thing to do might be to get out of WI in January like I did by biking in Thailand, and avoiding the whole “Polar Vortex’ phenomenon! Make sure to visit Mike at: South Coast Bicycles


Geesh . . . 100 year old trees are a ‘dime a dozen’ out in the Pacific NW!!!


I’ve seen two Ocean Spray cranberry juice factories on the ride and wondered where the bogs were located . . . here was one they fill with water pumped in through the white riser tubes in the field.


Back along the coast and 65 mile temps, and a tailwind, . . .  all was good . . .


Kodak moment around every corner . . .


There are always lots of people walking the beaches. Many times with their pups. I bet there are lots of good sniffs!!!

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