Day 14, Cape Lookout State Park to Beverly Beach State Park


Another cold morning, 45 degrees, but by 7:15am the sun is up and the world looks a lot different than by headlight . . . although it is still COLD!!


Jenny and I started out together. She has kitchen duty tonight and wanted to get into camp early. Quite the clearcut to the left, and on such steep slopes!!!


A half mile out of camp we began a LONG two mile uphill where we climbed, and climbed and climbed!!!


. . . and from the top there was quite a view.


. . . and of course what goes up must come down and we had a BIG downhill . . . you can sort of see the road cut . . .


. . . and here is a better view showing it.


Someone should do their dissertation on how people pick the names for their second homes. Would be interesting. Not sure what the story is here but I bet these people are FUN, and eat well!!!


We climbed again and here was a great view of the sand islands that form at the mouth of many of the harbors we ride around. Probably formed by sand that is washed down, and deposited, from the the many mountain streams.


Hey look . . . here is a herd that supplies some of the milk for the Tillamook Dairy!!!


We’ve had some discussion about tsunamis and figure if one happens we are probably toast . . . but we could plan ahead and rent an RV!!!!


On one our  big descents today we passed sand dunes that had formed right at the foot of the forest. Nice!!!


Lots of fisherman, wall to wall, along every river crossing. LOTS of salmon to be caught!!!


Around a corner I went and there was Brian, from Scotland. He has a special wheelchair built bike that he pedals with his hands . . . we had a nice chat and up ahead met Anna, who he was traveling with on this great adventure.


They started at the Canadian border September 9 and hope to make it to Mexico by December 3. Their longest day so far has been 44 miles. Anna carries two panniers and tows Bryans wheelchair with more gear bungeed to it. Brian carries two panniers and several gear bags lashed to the side of his bike. Real nice folks!!


Our guide Ryan, leaves his logo EVERYWHERE!!! ( not really, it just looks like him!!)


Now . . . not sure what this was all about . . . thought the guy might be a plumber or maybe thinks the world is ‘going down the crapper’. Had the display on the top of his flat topped garage!!!


. . . another high tide or tsunami proof house. Hope they don’t ever need to find out if it works!!!


oh yeah, everyone wants their own little piece of heaven to themselves . . . even beaches!!!


We took a 15 mile loop off of Hwy 101 onto Old Hwy 101. One of the best stretches of road on the trip . . . LOW traffic counts. I think I saw three cars on the whole loop. But there was a six mile uphill!!!


We traveled through the thick and lush Suislaus National Forest . . .


. . . where  you don’t want to stop too long for a water break because moss might start growing on you and your bike, like it is on bridges and the road!!!


I can’t believe the number  of marijuana dispensaries we have seen in WA and OR. Hard to believe there is enough business for all. Maybe there will be a shakeout period . .


Hey, it’s the Oregon version of the famous Wisconsin Dells Ducks!!!


. . . another one with quite the sign. They’ve got to get you into the store before you can buy anything and the advertising is quite persuasive!!!


Make love not war, baby!!!!


Went by Timothy’s memorial today and it was quite elaborate . . . he must have been a great salmon fisherman . . .


. . . someone had left him some special lures. It’s always interesting to see what people leave at memorial sites.


I didn’t see any whales today although many of the riders did. At one area there were three Zodiac inflatables. I figured they were folks out on a whale watching expedition and the guides would know where the whales were.  I  watched from shore to see if any would rise.  After five minutes none had, so I ventured on towards camp. Some of riders came upon the same scene and saw several.


After one more big climb on Otter Crest Loop, one could see land ahead. Somewhere down there was . . .


Beverly Beach State Park,  our camp for the night. Rain predicted for the next three days starting tonight at 5:00pm.


I helped Jenny and Joe set up the popups and get the stove in position. By the time I had my tent up, Jenny was ready to cook. Just needed her sous chef, Dave, who was still out on the road.


What’s wrong with this picture??? There should be five other tents on this site!!! The ‘Yurt Girls’,  and most of the others, decided to seek inside shelter tonight, in yurts,  because of the predicted rain. Our guides Joe and Ryan, and me, all have our own sites since there were three reserved!!!

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