Day 12, Astoria to Eleham State Park


Thirty eight degrees when we woke up this morning and there were frost warnings!!! We had breakfast in sort of an open air garage area of the KOA back lot . . . COLD!!!


. . . and as we left camp, we passed patches of grass that did have frost. At this point many of us were thinking . . . and we paid good money to do this!!!


We all headed over to the Lewis and Clark Over Wintering exhibit where the expedition had overwintered before heading back east after their western exploration.


The fort was actually very small . . . less space to heat!!


Sacajawea, an Indian women, was very instrumental in the western exploration being a success.


. . . these cabins were looking familiar . . .


. . . the fort had been the site of many councils . . .


. . . and the interior rooms were beginning to look like . . .


. . .  the KOA cottages we had just left!!!!


. . . as I was warming up in the sun, Rich said I looked like a model for Showers Pass rainwear and suggested I send them a shot for their ‘senior members’ client catalog!!!


Soon we were back on the road heading south, riding fast enough to warm up.


Oregon is VERY friendly to bicyclists and have great modern campgrounds . . . AND TIME LIMIT FREE showers. No depositing quarters for three minute segments!!!


We me David and Mikaela, who were looping from Astoria to Seaside and back for the day. Both were on vacation from their jobs in Seattle.


Soon we arrived in Seaside and had our first sighting of the ocean . . .


. . . which we would follow for the rest of the day BEAUTIFUL, The smells, the scenery, the vistas were fantastic and the temps got about 60 degrees!!!


Down the road we went to . . .


. . . our first tunnel of the trip.


Only a quarter mile long, you push the button on the pole to the left which starts lights flashing on the top of the bridge letting approaching cars know there are bikers in the tunnel.


For three of our riders who passed through at separate times, it was a warning to logging truckers to have some ‘fun’ and blow their air horns as soon as they got next to our riders. Hugh called Oregon DOT to complain, but with out a license number, or company name from the truck, they were not willing to do much.


A REAL Kodak moment around every corner . . .


. . . but watch for falling and fallen rocks on the road!!!


At Seaside we had  big climb and  an unexpected sudden 2 mile long downhill into town. As we approached our home for the night Manzanita, we had another BIG 4 mile downhill but in this case could see the town below . . . BEAUTIFUL!!!!


What a day had it been and we are hoping for three more before the next rain is predicted. AND maybe temps in the mid 60’s tomorrow!!!

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