Day 10, Cathlumet, WA to Astoria, OR


The rain started right when it was supposed to at 2:00am but was finished by the time we woke. Those in the yurts stayed dry, but so did we who were in tents. However . . .


. . . the 45 degrees morning temps called for a third cup of hot jojo!!!


Right out of town we took a ferry across the river, leaving WA behind and beginning our journey through OR. WA had a great ‘Welcome to” type sign . . .


. . . and I met Dale and David who were venturing over into OR for a breakfast of flapjacks with merryberries. They dated for ten years, meeting half way from each of their homes in Cathlumet, and decided when they got married two years ago to move here permanently. Nice story!!!


oh . . .  and we did see a few sasquatch’s heading down to the river for a morning drink!!! (local farmer humor).


On the other side of the river, Oregon DOT had not gone out of their way to make us feel welcome!!!!


Right off the ferry it was time to climb, which certainly took care of any chill one may have still had . . .


. . . top of the first pass . . .


. . . where a state park afforded great panorama views


I had made it to the 9:00am ferry and I could see the 10:00am version hauling more bikers across the river.


. . . there was our host town.


. . . the bane of bicyclists, the de-laminated steel belted radial tire. INSTANT flat if you encounter some of the steel belt strands. So far on the trip we have had about a half dozen flats. Two folks have had multiples!!!


. . . ahh hopefully not today!


About 5 miles out of Astoria, a trooper passed me on a curve with his lights on . . . around the curve I saw why. The two young men sitting on the tailgate of the truck had run off the road, tipped upside down . . .


. . . and crawled out the car through the windows as the car laid upside down in a creek with two feet of water. Unbelievable that neither of them was injured.


. . . living on a house boat doesn’t mean you can’t have a basketball court . . .


. . . someones weekend dream that never materialized!!!


. . . if I hadn’t been so close to Astoria I would have stopped for coffee and talked to anyone who would listened about forestry in the Pacific NW.


oh yeah, there were a few more hills along the way!!!


. . . but drivers were  courteous as we rolled into town.


. . . where we were greeted by a group of sea lions barking at us. Nice!!!

Click above to HEAR the movie!


A five mile boardwalk along the water took us to Hwy 101. A great way to see town, just need to keep an eye on the rails. Don’t fall in the crack!!!


Seems to be lots of homeless in WA and now OR. They tend to congregate in areas, with all their worldly belongings towed in a shopping cart. Here some one had set up a food station behind their car for those who needed a meal.


Quite the bridge. Jenny had ridden over it in that past and said it was quite the experience!! Maybe tomorrow.


We are staying at a KOA and have a rest day tomorrow. So no cooking tonight and into town for dinner. Here Ryan is giving us our ‘allowance’ for dinner, in cash . . .


. . . and we all had a great meal at a local brewery. Rich enjoyed his burrito although there was a ‘guacamole incident’ !!

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