Day 9, Lewis and Clark State Park to Cathlumet


Nice sleeping inside side last night . . . outside temp this morning 47 degrees!!! We had to leave the place spotless so after all the dishes were done and put away, Rich and Dave swept and moped the whole place!!


On the rod we went. Heavy fog this morning along the route . . . Nelly came over to the fence to say H1! Washing ton State of course is know for apples and there are piles of them everywhere. I have to remember to pick up a few to carry along form moments like this. Always can use a new friend!!


It Toledo there was an old water tower with a great railroad graphic painted on the side . . .


O yeah, we are not too far from Mount St Helen’s and if you are in a car, are encouraged to fill up before heading up. Being on two wheels and with full tummies, were are good until at least 10:00am!!!


Great scenary along the way included this farm ahead which had a pasture full of horses.


WA is looking out for the welfare of us bicyclists!!!


Tent show came to town and must have forgot there signs . . .unless they were run out of town!!!


Along the way was this ‘70’s vintage Toyoto LandCruiser, very similar to one I owned. Great machine that would go through anything, but hard to heat up during the middle of a Minnesota winter.


When we rode into Longview, there was 6 mile paved bike trail to keep us off the amin road . . .BUT these signs along the the trail . .


. . .  were sort of disconcerting. Keep moving and don’t touch anything!!!


Soon we were biking along the Columbia RIver. The sun had come out from behind the clouds and it was gorgeous . . .


. . . it’s definitely a working waterway.


We partially dodged the rain bullet today. Starting out in 47 degree temps, we were suppose to ride into the rain as we neared Cathlomet, our home for the night. When we left Longview for the last 20 mile stretch the weather had cleared in Cathlomet, had gone around us, and looking over one’s shoulder could see that Longview was now getting the worst of it!!


Erosion and rock slide protection along the road today and this one had two parallel barriers running along the road  . . .


. . . some kind of bird had met hi demise some time ago and all that was left was the skeleton. You can see it’s talons in the red circle.


There were some riverside homes along the way too and not sure what this guy (the landowner has GOT to be a guy) was thinking when he landscaped the place, but certainly it’s a conversation starter!!!


Tonight we are staying at the Elochoman Marina’s campground. Hugh and I were the first into camp and could see the next storm blowing in from the west. We BARELY got our tents up before the rains started to fall. Supposed to rain most of the night with it stopping at 3:00am. There were two yurts available for rent so we snatched those up.


Each one has fabric walls reinforced by wood latice work, a ‘70’ style couch . . .


. . . and a bunk bed. Also a heater and power. Bathroom is down the lane. Girls in one boys in the other. Four of us guys decided to camp outside in our tents.

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