Day 27


What a difference a day can make. The cold front pushed through, it was gong to be a beautiful day with highs in the upper 70’s a WEST tailwind and some beautiful TX Hill Country riding. Here was our morning . . .’How are we going to get everything in the truck’ discussion, prolonged by the fact it was only 39 degrees!!! Nobody really wanted to get started riding.


As we exited Ingram, we saw what is billed as the ‘World’s Largest Wind Vane’!!


Hard to believe this foreign car dealer couldn’t make it in Ingram, population 3,500!!!


Along the way I met Chelsea, from Colorado. She just finished her Peace Corp tour of duty in Senegal and started biking from San Diego, January 1. She will probably end her tour in Austin because she needs to find a summer job. She is a forester too, graduating from an upstate New York college.


Lots of sheep in this area, as we rode across some of the most beautiful ridges in the area. GREAT riding on paved roads that looked like someone’s driveway. No Traffic!!!


… but lots of cattle guards and open grazing.


Lot’s of great little cabins in this area . .


…looked like some might be weekend places . . .


. . . maybe for folks from the Austin area.


Never thought about whether your pumps gallon’s/minute could be a selling point, but in this part of the country it is!!!


I wish I knew the history of this place at a crossroad’s outside Fredericksburg.


Might be easier to scratch yourself with this ‘One Up and One Down’ set of back scratchers!


Things are REALLY starting to bloom the further east we pedal . . . in the trees


. . . and on the ground.


We had to make a 90 degree turn at Sandy, TX. From what I could tell . . . this was the whole town!!!


We have passed hundreds of these flash flood gauges on the side of the road, all the way from CA. This is the FIRST one I have seen with water involved. I think we will be able to get across this one!


As I came around the corner outside of Johnson City, I saw this cat/puppy container lying in the road. Looks like it had fallen off someone’s vehicle. I checked inside, no critter, checked the ditch, no critter . . .


. . . but there may have been one somewhere because these three turkey vultures were sitting out in the field looking hungry. I threw the container in the ditch and pedaled on. Soon a cream colored Escalade drove past me, did a U turn came back, did another U turn and left. They had an aluminum, trailer hitch mounted, mini trailer on the back of their vehicle. I tried to flag them down but they wouldn’t stop. Wonder if they lost Fluffy of the back end!!!???


Tonight we are staying in Johnson City, home of LBJ. It was another 7 hour day in the saddle, 77 miles,  but nobody was complaining. It was a beautiful day of riding!