Day 6, Port Townsend to Belfair State Park


Although we had dinner in the building that ‘An Officer and A Gentleman’ was filmed in, we assembled at our campsite for breakfast and to make lunches . . .


Oliver began assembling the Brompton. Just a couple flicks of the wrist and it is ready to ride!!!


Yesterday when we came into the campground, I stopped to see if the seasonal canteen was open. The rain was four or five inches deep along the gutter and unfortunately had covered the curb. This was the point of impact and over I went. Luckily . . .  only a mere flesh wound.


We had a 1.5 mile bridge to cross today but first had to cross the up coming traffic to get to our lane. If that didn’t kill ya, the metal grated deck would . . . .


Nice of  WA DOT to cover a five foot swath with another a rubber surface to prevent bikers from falling over on the slick metal, into the path of traffic!!


. . . we passed the house of many storks.


. . . oh, there are some rural WA landowners with opinions!!!


There seem to be many military bases in WA, mostly Navy. Here was another base we passed that had BIG jets . . .


. . . and evidently VERY secure boundaries protected by working dogs, no retired fido’s need apply!!


Denise, Jenny and I stopped about 10 miles shy of our campground for a little snack. Jenny is a vegetarian, but eats chicken . . .


. . . which was evident when she emptied the deli’s fresh chicken counter!!!

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