Day 5, Deception Pass to Port Townsend

After 10:00pm things settled down from the Navy jet station at a naval base right next to us . . .


and they were flying low , as you can see from this photo from our campsite!!!!


A good nights sleep and my new usual breakfast . . . oatmeal and fresh fruit. Good way to start the day!!


Oliver covers up his Brompton bike every night in it’s own wrapper . . .


The bikes are made for commuting. Many sailors use them to explore local towns when they sail into a harbor. I have never seen one  used on a  long road trip!!!


One thing we learned to look for when entering one of the Washington State Parks is how they run the pay shower system. Some showers use quarters, some use tokens . . . and it’s best to get the correct currency BEFORE you enter the park. Sometimes it’s a along way back to the entrance!!!


Exiting the park and heading south, we passed this house with a sod roof!!! As you can see it hadn’t been watered for a while . . . the rain must just run off it, carrying along the soil!!


Lots of veggies produced in the area we biked through today. This proud mother has LOTS of prodigy to take care of!!!!


We also saw our first oyster farming operation . . .


We were on a popular riding route, as you can see from the four color route markings from previous rides . . .


Soon we biked by the Navy base, the source of all the aerial commotion last night . . .


. . . BIG fence surround the base. No patrol dogs at this one.


Today we needed to ferry from  Coupeville to Port Townsend, crossing Puget Sound. We all got the Senior rate!!!


Bikers are the first ones on the ferry!!!!


We met a mountain biker from Dallas, who was also crossing over while vacationing in the Washington state area.


First on . . . and first off, AND it was still raining!!!!


Soon we were in Coupeville, a cutesy little seaside town . . .


. . . where if the population changes by a single digit, you can see they change the sign!!!


Local art in Coupeville, in both human . . .


. . . and animal form!!!


Hey there’s Gina’s friend, Debbie having a chat with Pam!!!


Downtown Coupeville . . . cutesy,


But they had a great bakery and with the rain pouring down, it was a no brainer . . . in we all went!!


Oh yeah . . . with a strong cup of hot coffee, we were all VERY HAPPY!!!!


. . . and with the rain still falling, nobody was in a hurry to leave.


. . . but Connie was outside waiting to run, so away we went.


Gina said goodbye to Debbie, who had traveled with us for four days and was now heading back to Seattle. Gina has yet to camp!!!


Denise was having back problems and our local physician/pharmacist, Liz, dispensed some appropriate drugs!!!


Before we arrived at our home for the night, Ft Worton State Park, Jenny had a flat on her Surly Orge, which has a horizontal dropout. It is a VERY difficult operation to repair a flat out on the road, and in the rain!! We hauled her bike the final mile into Ft Worton.


Rain has been an issue in this area for years. Here is shot of a tourist waiting for a farmer to come with his team to pull him out!!!


As we biked along the coast there was some interesting architecture, including this house that was tsunami proof. Storm urge just flows right through the middle of the basement!!!


Lots of hills on the route, up and down along the coast. Here was a big climb. Climbs are always hard to show in a photo . . .


. . . but the Garmin shows a pretty good representation of the climb!! The dot on the slope was our current location.


At Fort Worton,  although the rain was supposed to stop at 4:00pm, most folks decided to seek indoor housing that was available to rent. Some of us decided to take a chance on the rain stopping at 4:00pm and camped out.  Seeking shelter from the storm . . .


. . . and the temp, which had been dropping during the day, was now 52 degrees. Time to start up the stove for some hot chocolate . . .


. . . and to keep our hands warm!!!

Mike and I were cooking tonight and decided to make vegetarian and chicken versions of curry over rice . . .


. . . Ryan was so excited about the whole thing, he pitched in to help make the sauce . . .


Mike had bought a bottle of wine and  here is Gina ‘measuring it out’ so everyone got a sample. Several didn’t want vino so there was plenty for those who wanted more.


. . . after a hard night in the kitchen, both Mike and I did imbibe!!!


Pam and Oliver ready to eat!!!


The final presentation . . .


Chocolate cream cake for dessert!!!


And of course, the evening was closed with a map meeting. By the time those of us who were camping got back to camp, the rain had been stopped for several hours, there was a gentle breeze blowing and everything had dried. We all fell asleep in our tents to sound of ocean waves crashing on shore!!!

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