Day 2, Bellingham, WA

A great night of and deep sleep and we both felt refreshed and had  begun to forget about the LONGGGGG journey we had to get to Bellingham. We tied up with the van Rich had arranged for the seven of us who were interested in transport to the park and after a 12 mile ride south to Larrabee State Park, we were dropped off at Sites 31 and 32.


Joe and Ryan, our two ACA trip leaders, were already there with the Adventure Cycling Association van and trailer and had things well organized.


I’ve got too much stuff!!! Before I left I had to decide which of many tents to take. I set these two up to compare sizes and the Marmot won. Although the literature say it sleeps three, you can always subtract one camper from the number (tent companies ALWAYS exaggerate). To get a more realistic volume measurement, and since this trip is van supported and I don’t have to carry the extra weight on my bicycle I chose the bigger one.


As more of our group of 15 arrived the tents popped up like mushrooms. Not the greatest of sites. Lots of tree roots and slopes.


A van supported tour allows lots of luxuries like coolers, food prep tables  . . .


. . . and more importantly a nice three burner, elevated, propane stove. No cooking on this trip with one burner Coleman stoves sitting on the ground.


As is tradition, the tour leaders, Joe on he left and Ryan on the right, prepare dinner on he first bight. Chicken burritos with lots of fixin’s.


Meet and greet time . . . .


Guacamole and sour cream too . . . lots of beer and fizzy water


After dinner Ryan introduced everyone on the proper ACA method of washing dishes. A three step process. Sanitation on these trips is vital in preventing any colds or bad germs from being passed around. LOTS of hand sanitizer used, too.


Every first night includes some type of ice breaker and this time it was to go around the circle, introduce yourself, describe your biking experience and state what type of bike you are riding. But you also had to repeat the names of all those who introduced themselves before you and what type of bike they ride. Because of the train trip, and highway noise, I didn’t hear much of it and being the second from the last to report, I flunked the test!!! I’ll have seven weeks to find out all the details I may have missed.

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