Day 84, Naples, ME

Some slept well . . . some did not. Mixed reviews for staying about staying in a hostel. This was the first one of the trip . . . and last.


On the way out of town this place was open at 8:10am!!!!!


. . .eight miles down the road I crossed into Maine. Our last state line crossing of the trip and maybe for good for Connie and me. This is the last of our three cross country routes: TransAm, Southern Tier and now the Northern Tier. She may spend her remaining years in the stable with only short trips just to keep her legs limber.


. . . just on the other side of the line was Fryeburg, ME. Fun place here . . . woof!!!!!


. . . on the way out of town was the Fryeburg Towne Hall and the Hazel Owen Currier Doll Museum. I had to stop . . .


. . . not to tour either but because of the pot of coffee I had with breakfast. I needed to visit the little house on the prairie. No nature calls along the road . . . this morning . . . to much Labor Day traffic, even at this hour!!!!


. . . right next to the museum was the Agricultural Fair grounds . . .


. . . funny sponsor for the restroom building!!!!!


. . I passed this cemetery along the way. Mainers are funny . . . the way I read this sign, trespassing is only allowed during the day!!!!


. . . along the way was the tomb of Ester Nevers. She was buried here by her husband who used to come and watch the sunsets from her grave site. Today the forest has matured and blocks any sunset viewing . . . but the site is still maintained.


. . . the BIG climbs of the trip are over but there are still a few 12% surprises in store for us as we bike to Bar Harbor. In fact, there were several of them this morning!!!!


One thing we noticed RIGHT away is the roads in Maine seem to be in poor shape. The shoulders are crumbling away. Denise described it as the edge of a pie dough crust when you roll it out . . .


. . . and as you can see, the interior of the lane is not in much better shape. One must approached steep downhill’s VERY cautiously. Rough terrain could mean a crash!!!


. . . this guy must REALLY like bowties or Chevy’s or both. Quite the display complete with solar powered lights!!! I wonder if he comes out and sits in the bench????


. . . after 45 miles and 2,500 feet of climbing we arrived in Naples, ME. We are staying at a state park four miles south of town. It’s Labor Day weekend so the town is REALLY hopping . . .


. . . before I headed out to the park, I stopped for a little treat . . .’the horror . . .the horror’!!!!!