Day 79, Middlebury, VT

Really quiet in Paradox State Park last night AND dark!!!! I think we were the only visitors left after the weekend!!!


It’s always amazing packing up in the morning . . . everything has it’s place and eventually Connie shoulders it all as we roll down the road . . .


. . . Paradox Lake reminded me a lot of the glass like lakes we passed in the morning as we biked out of St. Mary’s back near Glacier National Park.


. . . not sure what Gokey’s sells


. . . but not sure I would want to buy it from this guy.


We had a HUGE downhill out of the Adirondacks today dropping from 1,900ft down to Ticonderoga, lake level at 200ft. Here was our last descent out of the mountains . . .


. . . the big draw of Ticonderoga is the Fort. I rode in with my US Park Service ‘Golden Eagle’ pass expecting to get waved through. The attendant informed me the Fort was run by a a ‘private non-profit’ and even though it was ‘America’s Fort’ it would cost me $23.00 to get in to tour. I voted the American way with my pocketbook and left.


. . . near the ferry was a ‘Welcome to New York’ sign. There wasn’t one when  we entered New York from Ontario.


. . . Connie and my third, and last ferry, ride on this trip . . .


. . . the old girl appreciated the ride rather than swimming across.


Ed, from New Jersey, and I were the only passenger’s on the ride over to Vermont. Allison, the ferry owner, collected our $2.00 bike/passenger fee. Ed spent the last week camping with his family. They left for home with the gear and he is biking back to New Jersey. Nice!!! Have a great ride home Ed!!!

. . . another state border crossing for Connie and me!!!


. . . first sign I saw when I entered the state, And a good one!!!


Vermont has their own bikeway system, like New York, and we will be pedaling on it for the next several days.


. . . oh, and there is LOTS of fruit available in Vermont too . . .


. . . where you can pick your own!!!!


. . . saw more and more of this at the higher elevations. IT’S TOO EARLY IN THE YEAR. Where did the summer go????


. . . we may have left the Adirondack behind, but we have the White and Green mountains ahead of us!!! GULP!!!!


. . . looking back over my shoulder was one last look at the Adirondacks . . .


. . . oh, there is a feel of ‘New England’ in the air . . .


. . . nice wire sculpture along the way in someone’s front yard . . .


. . . the higher the steeple . . . the closer to God?????


. . . as we rode up to Middlebury we could see what laid ahead for us . . .


We are staying at the Unitarian Universal Church in Middlebury . . . where we have taken over the back yard. It is a ‘green’ church and you can see the pellet tower that feeds a boiler used to heat the sanctuary with during the colder seasons!!!


. . . lots of peoples laundry didn’t dry last night . . . so yesterdays, and todays, took up three lines . . .


Laura is the office manager of the church and a  bicycle advocated who commutes to work. She made sure we felt at home and was hoping to have dinner with us but has a bicycle advocacy meeting tonight!!!!

Bernie and Rod have dinner duty tonight . . . and it smells like rotisserie chicken!!!!