Day 39, Gackle, ND

Quiet night in Hazelton, but when we woke the wind was blowing. Forecast was for quartering headwinds and showers in the morning.


Right next to our campsite was this ‘Cannonball’. Evidently  sandstone pebbles rolled along the bottom of the river picking up sediment and minerals until they got this size or larger. The biggest one found was over 1,500lbs!!! The process is called concretions and only happens several places in the world!!!


The sky was ugly to the south of us  . . .but there was a rainbow . . .good luck? Not to be  . . .


. . . we started in the dark (with the change to central daylight time now) and the eastern sky was red. ‘. . . red sky in the morning, sailors take warning’!!


Lots of lakes and ponds along the way . . . some had water


. . .  some did not !!!


. . .  along the way I saw what looked like cows ahead but as I got closer they were combines. The sign said, ‘Dinosaurs of he Prairie’. FUN!!!


Most of the morning and early afternoon it rained intermittently, at times there was quite the lightning show too. Not many photos taken . . . too wet!!!


Little house on the prairie . . . long forgotten. Would be interesting to know the story . . .


. . . in a VERY lonely setting.


The sky broke and the sun appeared  as I rode into Gackle. There was this sign asking, If I needed Hope? I had hoped earlier for better weather and a good line around the scattered lighting  . . . and it all worked out!!!


Nothing new showing at the Krieger . . . this feature has been playing evidently since last November. Once again, the rain today did not amount to much, LOTS of wind, some lighting and only about .008 inches!!!


I was the first to arrive at the ‘Honey Hut’ our home for the night. Operated by Ginny and Jason, who are bee keepers! They live here in Gackle for three months of the year and the remainder in Northern California.


Sweet setup for one for two cyclists as they travel through on the Northern Tier. They started the ‘Honey Hut’ in 2012 when they notice lots of bikers coming through Gackle. They found out bikers need four things: a shower, laundry, lodging and wifi. They supply all four to 150-200 cyclists a year. There is a separate entrance to the basement apartment,


. . . where there is a bathroom, shower refrigerator and WIFI !!!  SWEET!!!  Matt was already here when I arrived. He spent last night in Napoleon on his way to Minneapolis