Day 36, Glen Ullin, ND

Today was going to be another tough one. In fact, most of us were awakened by the strong wind that started to blowing about 3:30am. Hot temps, STRONG headwind and 55 miles right into it! We started at the usual time, but because Corvin and I had kitchen duty, we were two of the last out of camp . . .


The dinner was a  big hit. It was the recipe he tried to make several week sago but they left the chicken component in the shopping cart in the store!!! 3 pounds of Angel hair pasta, peas, 4 pounds of chicken basted in teriyaki sauce AND 4 quarts of HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM. No wonder it was such a hit!!!


. . .on the way out of town I saw this rig. Not sure if it is a camper, boat or both!!!


We paralleled I-94 just about all day on Old Hwy 10. VERY little traffic . . . and nice riding. I saw this unique piece of art but was not sure what it was all about, a clock perhaps . . .too far away to tell . .


. . . but I eventually got closer . No clock, just a salute to what looks like cranes!


After 20 miles out first first town of Taylor was supposed to have have a C-Store but we found nothing . . . they are looking for Postal employees though.. Interesting because I always thought people were lining up to work at the PO . . .maybe not in Taylor, ND!!

Hot and dry we were looking for something COLD. The temp was already into the 90’s . . . another SLOWWWW 12 miles down the road was Richardson., pop. 525. Nothing open there either . . .


But they had a Benedictine Monastery (special place in my heart for them because they help shepherd me through my first eight years of school). . .


. . .  and an Abbey. As of December 2009, there were 56 monks in the community. Assumption Abbey has a dependent daughter monastery in Bogotá, Colombia: Monasterio Benedictino de Tibatí which runs the prestigious Colegio San Carlos. It is affiliated locally with St. Mary’s and when I rolled into town at 9:50am and notice there was a Mass at 10:00am, I parked Connie.


. . .  newly remodeled inside was lovely. A nice experience. (said a few Hail Mary’s too, about the headwinds . . .didn’t work!!)


. . . on the way to Hebron we went. Along the way was this really interesting e heavy duty mobile.  The source of power to turn it was the white plastic barrels that had been cut in half and acted as sails. Oh . . . it was turning today!!!


We finally found relief in Hebron, which was only 12 miles from the end of our ride. When I got off Connie I looked at the Garmin  . . . temp read 103 degrees.!!!


On the way out of time there was time for an ‘avant gard’ self portrait in the bank window!! About as artsy as I can get.


Pretty quiet on a hot Sunday afternoon in Hebron.Looked like the movie set for ‘American Graffiti’!!


As I was riding out of town I came upon the famous, Hebron Brick Company is the only manufacturer of brick in North Dakota and one of the most successful brick companies in the Upper Midwest. They say their ancient veins of extraordinary clay and state-of-the-art brick plant continue to yield a distinctive variety of colors and enable Hebron Brick Company to offer a wealth of options in fine brick.


While I was on the side of the road, Barb and Steve, from Albany, MN rode up heading west. They went to their daughters college graduated in Connecticut and decided to start riding from there to Washington State. Because of the bad headwinds in Illinois and Indiana they thought of hopping a plane, flying to Washington State and venturing west to east like us . . . but, they had the headwind today!!!

It was REALLY a tough day and everyone was beat by the time we got to Glen Ullin. We were supposed to camp at the High School but because of the heat, everyone is sleeping inside in the gym. AC . . YES. Most didn’t get in until late afternoon and the local Super Value grocery store closed at 2:00pm.


So . . . eating out tonight at one of the local bars and breakfast will probably be at the local Cenex which opens at 6:00am . . . lunch, maybe somewhere on the road as we head to Bismarck, our home tomorrow night!!


Oh yeah, and Corvin’s palate is becoming much more Americanized as he had no problem wolfing down this double hamburger, with double bacon!!! ( he had to look up though what a pickle spear was).