Day 34, Medora, ND, layover day

It would be a hot one on our layover day in Medora. Stay in the shade and push the fluids!!!!


Nice and cool in the morning. The Farmhouse Café opened at 7:00am. I was there at 7:02am . . .


. . .and soon Jim, the Good Mike, Rod and David showed up hungry, too . . .


. . . no cold cereal or oatmeal this morning!!!


. . . Jane and her husband just opened the Café a year ago. Great food and service! It is a seasonal operation and they return to their ranch a couple of hours away in the winter.


. . . a nice surprise when Greg and Cindy from MSN stopped by today for lunch on their way to a vacation in Glacier and Waterton. Greg brought me a light from REI to replace the one that was stolen in Glasgow. Thanks Greg . . .


. . .we had a nice lunch at the Boot Bar & Grill. I needed some dessert and he waitress brought 3 spoons but Cindy and Greg declined to share. They said I  needed the sugar more!!!!


. . .before they left Greg and I visited the Dakota Cyclery shop. A GREAT local shop catering to MTB and through riders. Busy place and they made special arrangements to tae care of our groups needs. Six or seven of us had mechanical needs. .


Corvin has a bearing issues on his front wheel. The two staff were trying to take care of things as they came in the door and Corvin encouraged them to take their time with his bike . .


Gee, I wonder why?????


Jen was very helpful and assisted me in buying a new tire, gloves and a kickstand to replace the one I broke a week or two ago. Great people and Great service!!!

Tonight we are going to the Cowboy Musical. Should be a good time.

Hope it cools down a bit!!!!