Day 32, Glendive, MT

We had a GREAT stay at the Circle School Complex. We started early because the predicted headwinds and temps. After the BIG Storm Clouds passed us last night, they headed east of Circle. increased to 60 mph and dropped hail the size of silver dollars. Glad we missed that . . .


. . .today ended up being an EXCELLENT day for riding, never believe the predictions (some of the times). It was 52 degrees when we woke, and started biking with heavily overcast skies with some mist.It remained cloudy until 2:00!!!. The winds ended up not being a problem and we arrived in Glendive before noon.


..  .the combine moving operation was already in full gear at 7:00am . . .


We had a nice surprise when we rolled up on this mini badlands. A preview of what we will see in North Dakota !!!!


. . . saw this herd along the railroad tracks. How many ears can you count????


Our half way point today was Lindsay . . .


. . . not much going on at 9:00am. But there were snacks and cold drinks Soon five more riders rolled in and we talked crops with the usual gang who probably assembles every morning to solve the problems of the world!


Celebrating statehood from 1889!!!


When you are biking along you have a lot of time to look and analyze. These spring loaded crash protectors are interesting mechanisms . . .


. . . however I haven’t figured out what the cable is for???


As we rolled into Glendive about 11:30am, we passed under I-94. Haven’t seen one of these signs for  . . . months??? We will ride on I-94 for the next several days. It is legal, when there is no other alternative.


Tonight we are staying at Glendive’s Eyers City Park . . .


. . . green grass, and great shade but no showers . . .


. . .  so we  rented a room at the Parkwood Motel for bathroom and showers!!!! Good solution!


I rode into town, across the old Tallahatchie bridge (looking for Billy Jo McCalister ???), to find the library . . .


. . . a much nicer experience than riding across the new version.


Right over the bridge was the Gust Hauf, which looked a lot nicer than the innards of a library . . .


. . . so I setup shop there and texted the gang the location . . .


. . . who started filtering through for a brew or two. Rob and Katie from New York joined us for several beers. Both engineers, they took some time of between graduating and joining the working world. Good luck to you two!!! They are heading west and are staying at a Warm Showers tonight in Glendive tonight.

Mayor Jerry Jimison was nice enough to stop by and welcome our group to town. Nice fellow!

Tomorrow it’s 65 miles to Medora for another layover day . . . yippee!!!!