Day 28, Glasgow, MT

Today would be a tough ride. Not because of the mileage but weather conditions. 6-10 mph headwinds most of the day AND 104 degree temps!!!!

To help get ahead of the situation we decided again to leave early. Coffee was at 5:00am, breakfast 5:15am and most were packed and on the road by 6:00am (except Rod and Corvin who had kitchen duty this morning). It was 60 degrees and pleasant!!!


Right out of Malta was this historic marker, I have always talked to cattle along the way. They all stop and look up from what they are eating. Once in a while they do a stampede and 30 or 40 of them might start running in the same direction I am. BIG FUN!!! I always call the little one ‘doggies’ because they remind me of young pups . . . all legs. Looks like according to this sign I have been in error because they are usually standing next to their mother. I am going to continue calling them ‘doggies’ anyway. They always look up and seem very inquisitive!!!


We biked by the  Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge today and it was BIG WATER . . . probably the largest we have seen in several weeks. Nice to see water again!!!!


This has got to be the smallest school bus ever made. Might have had a nice second life as a camper!!!


Lots of beautiful horses along the way in the early morning light


This is pretty much what we had for 68 miles today. ‘Prairie Rollers’ hill that are not long enough to coast down and just about to the top of the next one, like we can do in many places in Wisconsin.


Our ride this morning was actually going pretty well. The temps were heating up but the sun hung behind this stationary cloud for about 3 hours. It eventually overtopped it and on came the heat!!!


Allison had mention these Hot Springs at last night’s map meeting as a possible stop along the way today. At 10:00am is was already 80 degrees . . . no takers on this little side excursion!!!


We would have potential; water stops in two towns along the route today. Saco and Hinsdale. Wonder why these fields are so green . . .


IRRIGATION . . . either from a center pivot operation (the nozzles are close to the ground to prevent evaporation) . . .


. . . or more commonly from flooding fields. Sort of like cranberry bogs. The fields are VERY flat and have a berm around them. When it is time to irrigate the water is  tuning on  in the channel and the gate you can see in the lower right corner is opened . . ..


The problem with flood irrigation is it leaves lots of standing water which of course is prime conditions for MOSQUITOS breeding (photo above is blurred because I took it from my moving bike to prevent being BIT!!!) People have been warning us all along the way about this area of Montana and to make sure to have repellant and bug nets for your head. They have not been that bad . . . yet.


Our first water stop was 25 miles into the ride, Saco, MT . . .  the village of 197 actually had a lot going on this morning . . .  of course it is a Saturday.


. . . including our traffic clogging up the sidewalks . . . for a second breakfast  . . .


. . .  pancakes as big as your head!!!!


The old High Dome Hotel must have been quite the place back in the day. You can see they even put an addition on the back at one time. Handsome building!


Back out on the road we came upon this sort of elaborate roadside historic marker . . .


. . . it consists of rocks that were originally on the top of a large hill and the Indian Chief thought they look like a sacred buffalo. The rock were originally moved to Malta, MT but then this historic site. I hope all the cigarettes are a tobacco offering to God that Native Americans still commonly do (it was done during the ceremony on Logan Pass) but they usually break up the tobacco and scatter it. Maybe this is the drive-by version where you just throw a cigarette out the window. Sort of sad . . .


Only 10 miles down the road was Hinsdale but the short distance didn’t stop us from pulling over and getting another Gatorade. By this time the temps were in the upper 90’s and the wind was REALLY in our face!!!!


We venture on for the final 28 mile push to Glasgow, our home for the night. Believe it or not, half way there was a DOT Rest Stop . . .right out in the middle of nowhere . . .


. . . they had running water and we all soaked our heads and clothes to try to cool down. Hot and dry . . .didn’t dare sit too long because  one might not get going  again . . .


. . . before we did leave though I snapped this shot of my Garmin . . .. and that was in the shade!!!!


A LONGGGGG 14 miles finally brought us to Glasgow . . . they have sort of a weird sense of humor those Glasgowinians!!! They have joined the crowd and have a local dinosaur museum just like Malta and several other towns we have stayed.   Lots of digs going on up in this area of Montana.


Looks like the ‘tin man’ supports the Hwy 2 proposal.


As I rolled to the Rundle Hotel & Suites, our home for the night, I passed the FCB Bank. At 2:04pm . . .


. . . it was 102 degrees. I was the first one in and was treated to a kiwi watermelon Snapple. Never tasted so good!!!

It was a tough day. Several of our folks had to be sagged in because of the heat.

The newly renovated Rundle Hotel & Suites owned by two brothers from Whitefish, Montana.


. . . and there is AC and cold drinks.

We all went out to eat at Durum Restaurant, the steak and pasta place to be at in Glasgow.

Kari was our server and she did an EXCELLENT job!!!

The flat iron steak with andoulille smashed potatoes was VERY tasty . . .

. . . as was the creme brulee, And yes Smoochie, I had my first ‘tini on the trip!

On the walk back from the restaurant, you can see things have not cooled down much!!

Things ended well today and tomorrows is a rest day. Yippee!!!!!