First Day on the Road

Beautiful  morning in Jasper as we loaded up the bikes.


We are staying in two nights in Jasper so the first day we need to ride 50-60 miles out and then be vanned back to Jasper. BillyB had the brilliant idea of vanning us all out together to a 60 mile point and then each of us riding back at our own pace arriving at the hotel.


. . . but first we had to get the necessary permits for the van, and for ourselves as bikers.


Jasper is VERY crowded with visitors from all over the world. They arrive by the trainful.Lots of languages spoken. Many we had not  heard before.


. . . the Jasparian’s are a happy bunch!!!


Soon we we at our 60 mile mark where is was COLD!!! We put on every piece of clothing we had brought for the day. Temps were in the high 40’s F.


Three of the five riders, plus the ‘unknown rider’.


First view of a one of the many ice shelves and glaciers we would see long the way. . . .


. . . but don’t  take your eye off the road too long!!!


A Kodak moment around every corner.


The landscape varied but there were many boulder fields such as this one.


Soon I saw two riders approaching . . .


Frank and Annette, from Germany, were traveling fully loaded. They had started in Banff, ridden to Jasper and now were heading south to Glacier NP. We will probably run into them again along the way.


Athabasca Falls along the way was not one to miss!!!


The wide open road . . .


A view worth the climb! Water running everywhere.


Soon I met Sabian and Enatin, from France, two youngsters’ heading from Jasper to Glacier NP. Seems to be a popular route!  They were heavily loaded.


One last LONG . . . uphill lead us to a BIGGGGGG downhill back into Jasper. A rider loves to see this sign at the end of the day. Other than dodging a few rocks it usually means a nice final glide path for the end of the day.


After showers  we headed down to the Whistle Stop Pub, a place our man about town BillyB had discovered on his first night in town. Oh those Canadians have a sense of humor!!!!!