Another day in paradise . . .

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The peloton is usually all together for the morning group shot and within he first 5 minutes we are split up. Some stop to take photos, some stop to pee, some stop to pee again, some stop to eat. But we usually group up again every 5-10 miles.


We vanned out to our ending point from yesterday which was right near a large over view, literally built  off the side of the mountain. The walkways had glass planks. Not sure if I would have walked out  on that!!!!


. . . .but there were busloads of tourist who paid the for the $40 admission including a round trip bus ride out Jasper.


Oh . . . there is snow and ice up there in them there hills!!!


Soon we could see the Columbia Ice fields in the distance. Of course distance in the mountains is a relative thing and hard to estimate.


We had planned to group up at the Columbia Ice Fields Visitor center. My sister and I were here with my grandparents about 40 years ago. Surprisingly for me, lots of memories flooded back into my brain!!!


As we met in the gravel parking lot one of the gang was SOOOO taken by the views he for got to unclip from their pedals and took a tumble (no names mentioned to protect the innocent).


Here is the snow cat ambulance that responded to the scene. We see if Medicare pays for it!!!!!


Soon we left the ice fields and Jasper National Park crossing into Banff National Park which we will ride through for the next several days.


We had a BIGGGG downhill as we descended the pass. Again distance is a relative thing in the mountains and here you can barely make out TommyH as he approaches the bottom of the pass. Too much traffic, too many curves and a bumpy road prevented stopping along the way.


Soon we met up, at The Crossing,  with BillyB who was driving the van today. There is always a discussion about where we are and where may be a good place to meet up again for water refills or a little snack. The van usually hopscotch’s ahead of us.


It was time to have a little lunchy. TommyH and I had a hankering for a roller dog. At $7.99 CND, we decided to pass!!!! (not sure of the bun was included). Food is expensive in these tourist area of Jasper and Banff. Ever meal seems to start at about $20.00, including breakfast!!! However, the USD is relatively strong .


We have been bumping into a self supported Adventure Cycling Association tour riding through the Rockies. Brings back my memories of crossing the United States eight years ago on the TransAm.


We have our own security contingent along, TommyG keeps an eye on our VALUABLE us rigs!!!


There is a feeling that the thinner air has a great effect on those from the Midwest. It was about mid afternoon and I was starting to get hungry again. Everything reminded me of food . . . .


. . . was that a giant slice baked potato I say down by the stream? where is the butter and sour cream????


Great view to the east.


Now this critter looks tasty . . . say they taste like chicken!!!



TommyH and I came upon this juicy juice that had been place out on the road by TommyG. He found it on the side of the road after he and Greg had stopped to discuss the Grizzly bear they had just seen. They came over a rise and 100 feet ahead and out 20 feet from the shoulder was a the bear. They crossed to the other side of the road and   gave it a wide berth. When it saw them, it turned around and scampered back into the forest. Greg could have sworn he saw  blood dripping from it’s canines and the G thought he saw and arm with arm warmers still attached hanging from it’s mouth!!!!




One more downhill  . . .


. . . and one more big guy to see on the side of the road.


before we came to the end of out ride today.


Lots of traffic so we vanned into Lake Louise.


Tonight we are at the Mountaineer for our first night in Lake Louise and then we move to Deer Lodge. Lake Louise is PACKED with tourists!!!!

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Nice place with great views AND a guest laundry!!!


We sort of take over a place when we move in. We are on the second floor so put some of our ‘excess luggage’ to good use!!!


We have a driving and room rotation set up for this adventure. Two in one room every night and three in the other (usually means one on the floor). Tonight the G and I had the double.


Soon it was time for dinner. We went to the Post Lodge but they wouldn’t let us in the dining room because the G and TommyH had  shorts on!!! They steered us to their pub which had ‘casual dining’ available. AND a rib special tonight . . .



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We still had enough daylight left so we scooted out to the Chateau Lake Louise. This was  another stop on the trip with my grandparents 40 years ago. It seemed like yesterday. We decided to have a drink in the lounge but it was only open for paying guests!!!! They directed us to a ‘pub’ in the basement and there was a half hour wait. So much for just having a quick nightcap. Oh yeah, rooms at the Chateau start at $541CND/night!!!

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Lake Louise in the fading evening light.